Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pay for nothing...

I just cant stop laughing at my fren who go to Melati McD just to order a milo though can get a cheaper milo at petronas gas station just beside McD. How generous to donate to McD!

But recently some frens started laughing at me for donating to cinema esp GSC too much.

Y? I think should list down the movies 1st.

1. Whiteout
2. Doreamon
3. A Christmas Carol
3. 2012
4. Avatar
5. Bodyguard Assassin
6. Treasure Hunter

Wat i'm trying to show is not i watch too much of movies. I just happen to sleep in the cinema watching these movies. Luckily, some of the movies are interesting enough to wake me up after few to ten minutes.

Best of the best goes to Treasure Hunter. I cant comment on the quality of the movie becoz i dun even know wat's the story. I watch tis movie at 2am and i sleep throughout the movie. I only manage to watch five scenes of the movie, where i cant relate any stories at all.

Some frens say i'm too rich to sleep in cinema. Some say i'm too pity tat i got no place to sleep in home, so have to sleep in cinema

The only reply i can give is "Thanks to fyp tat makes me so tired and lack of rest"

So it's a about fyp-killing-me post AGAIN, lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thumbs up for this movie! especially the effects and nice scenery in the forest. Give me the feeling of final fantasy 10.

Deeply fall in love with the forest and was nearly cry when see the sorrow of the natives when the forest is being destroyed.

If want me to point out the weakness of this movie, perhaps no leng zai? wakakaka

too bad din get the chance to watch the 3D version...

Friday, December 11, 2009


today suddenly found out tis picture from computer.

tis "red-mail" letter is actually a joke to binatang liar few months ago, an idea from the two YYs while i'm just being the "sponsorship" to print, keke. the name of this "operation" is OBAK, but i already forget wat's the full name, some kind of "operasi banteras xx kuning"

in order to make as if someone really blackmailing, we have planned tat once she saw the letter from the lab manual, YY will sms and ask the YY in kampar use an unknown number to sms binatang liar "你知道我再等你吗?--- 变屎金刚"

but somehow the plan changed a bit due to YY's hp suddenly rosak. maybe tis is balasan of trying to fool ppl

although in the end still manage to send this prank letter and sms to her, obviously this letter and sms is too fake until reveal to binatang liar tat tis 变屎金刚 is from the same class one and beside her one. immediately me and yy become 1st suspects edi.

lame idea it is afterall, haha

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


when the real life is just like the drama

y bother to watch from computer?

y not enjoy the live version? ^.^

hope utar has the gossip girl

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FYP life

The lab used to be a fun place where u can say out loud proudly "I also fail to get results ma. Never mind one la, cincai do enough, report can simply explain and lie de..."

But things change when u r doing final year project. When u get positive results, tis is very lucky. When u get negative result, tis is still very normal. The saddest case is when u fail to get any results. Then ur life will be interesting enough, have to find ways to solve and face the pressure from supervisor and limited resources.

So, here are some pictures taken when we're so boring..haha

part of the samples needed to be extracted

sucking blood

some fail to suck properly so blood full of bubbles

the brand new thing in utar, EZ-vision 3 in 1. Can straightly view gel without staining and destaining. no more the blue loading dye

all time cleaner to separate PCI and bloody tips

tis is wat happen when u have limited resources. Air-dry the gloves to be wear again

caught! the thief in autoclave room

like i told u, the lab is very boring...

some ppl just won't miss any chances to bully ppl with tis slavery contract

some ppl even help to deco the boring lab

no need to caution, not hot at all, keke

this is full of failure-rate extraction

when things start better a bit, the DNA bands start to smile to u instead of linear band (actually DNA smiling is not a good image, hehe)

wanna take pictures in the lab but scare the camera "infected", so sterilize the camera with ethanol spray, swt

Thursday, October 29, 2009

bye bye oct!!

so fast October is going to end. And yet the FYP progress only 15% completed T.T

Summary of the whole month
1. Going to uni at 9am and come back at ~5pm every weekday. So called sem break!!
2. 1st two weeks wasted for failing extraction
3. Face blood, blood and more cincao-like blood to extract DNA
4. Run gel, gel and another gelSSS

Tis blog is getting more and more sien although it is already sien.

No fun outings recently so nothing to blog.

I wanna go somewhere to travel ar!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who did tis???

Due to FYP, the lab suddenly become a field of battle.

While head aching about no results obtained after so long time, u still need to take good care of ur things so tat no ppl will steal ur things which are limited resources as well.

The only place to autoclave and cold-storage are really hot spots for the thieves to take action!

KNS those selfish ppl. So good in stealing things then just go to become thieves la... Go to hell!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
















Tuesday, October 6, 2009


FYP progress turns out to be too low productivity

A simple thing takes me whole day.

Some even fail and have to redo.

Cant catch up the flow of the project...

And tired of fighting for the apparatus

The selfishness and kiasu-ness of some ppl is really over my dead body

Not to mention the troublesome and endless collecting blood samples progress

Everything is a mess.

Cant burden myself with part time job and English training course anymore

No income so forget bout buying camera and harddisk plan

Concentrate on FYP and exercise my eyes with dramas

Finish it earlier and go back hometown!!

Wishing to finish it before December...can I?

Friday, October 2, 2009




最近太有空,所以很有闲情慢慢的打中文。汉语拼音像try and error这样,慢慢从字海中捞我想要打的字。我说字海,因为有很多字,都不知有没鼻音翘舌,找到我要的字就好像中大奖了。











Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finish war

Phew...I finally come out from 'prison'. How on earth final exam last for whole month! One week per subject....mid term meh?!

Thanks to it finishes so late, i got no time to go back to hometown.

The most sien-est part is tomorrow, ie the day right after exam, have to start busy for fyp already. Somemore have to wake up so early to recruit volunteers for project again. Hopefully the bad experience in JKM wont happen again....

Now just hope tat can finish fyp as soon as possible and go back home! Really hope can finish be4 December. I wanna go back!!!!

But currently, impossible i will do fyp everyday, so now still considering whether to find a part time job to spend time wisely or to exercise my eyes with dramas every day?? @@

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Friday, September 18, 2009











Thursday, September 10, 2009


Finally, final exam has begun!!

Only one more sem to go after this exam


Study hard and play harder after the exam XD

Wake me up when September ends!!!

A brand new journey will come

Expect no more and appreciate everything

And it feels good ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Famine 30 DIY Camp in PJ campus (part 1)

Ever since Muzhi promotes about Famine 30 during foundation, I always wanted to join. But every year also kena exam or assignment time. And this year, finally I have the chance to go although I nearly cant make it.

During registration

Due to not enough registration forms and someone ffk us, end up not many frens joining.

H1N1 impact. Body temperature was checked be4 going in.

While waiting, we played a game that I'm totally blur blur with in the beginning and my role is to end the chain of the game, lol. Oh yeah, same goes to Grass L., memang sia sui

The refugees game

Somehow PD campus is full of ppl from Japan, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, China etc and "Earthquake" occurred. All of us have to find own family members. My family members in this game is from Ireland. Grass is from Nigeria, and according to her, she learns from Micheal Jackson and bleach herself. That's why she's not so dark although from Nigeria.

After finding family members, we have to fight and take the necessary things to build a "house". You have to fight for the chairs and tables in order to build a house. Early birds have the advantage XD

The "houses"

The overview of Ireland "house". Haiz, I'm the oldest among the girls of Ireland =(

The Irelands

Also, we have to obtain "vaccines" to avoid quarantined in "Hospital". In the beginning, goverment vaccines are free of charger while private vaccines are very expensive. In the end, government vaccines becomes same price with private vaccines as well. You have to negotiate (or threaten) them to give you vaccines.

Of coz, as refugees, we are very poor and have to find jobs. There are legal jobs and illegal jobs. I dunno what legal jobs are since my identity that time is a 8-year-old child. If I wanna work, I only can work illegally as child labour. Illegal jobs include prostitutes and smuggle drugs.

This is one of the jobs...Not good to mention what kind of job here la ^^

Sometimes, the rich ppl will throw money but have to fight with ppl to get the money

But actually, rich ppl are good water fish. Help them do things and make them satisfy and ask for commission, earn more and no need to fight with ppl XD

The police (in blue shirt) with "gun" catching the criminals

Some ppl were caught for robbing or smuggle drugs and end up in "Jail" for 10 minutes. Too bad, I played the game too legally. What a waste I never have the chance to stay inside XD

Not forgetting how we try to earn some extra money. Somehow my groupmates manage to pick up ppl "identity card" and vaccines from dunno where. Too bad the owner of the IC rather have no IC also dun wan to buy it.

Lessons from this game
1. Illegal jobs can earn a lot.
2. When see police and you're doing illegal thing, fast fast run la....
3. When ppl drop money on the floor, pick it up and insist they're yours. You're not robbing.
4. You wont get into jail when you cheat money from the rich ppl

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dunno wat to put...

Last week, i just cant stop teasing my frens busying for assignments or exam but i'm so free til need to think on how to waste time.

But now, i'm rushing last minutes revision for MC mid term on friday. The notes are just too thick!

I only can say I find troubles for myself...

I should be meet Master Chou now as later i need to wake up at 6am.

Too bad, still haven reach my target 5 chapters per day.

Hopefully tis trip later to JKM will finish collecting the samples...

I really lazy to wake up so early again just to rush to PJ when my class start in the afternoon...

P/S: Just now really stupid enough. Accidentally pricked own finger when practicing on removing needle from the syringe. Luckily it is a new and sterilized needle. Else i kena wat viral infection also dunno...

Friday, August 7, 2009

High working efficiency!!

Today is the worst day ever!! Geez, hope so, hope wont have more sui one...

Supposingly friday is a holiday for me since no class. But then, today i have to wake up at 6.30am in the morning just to rush to XXXX near Taman Jaya LRT station for fyp purpose.

But wat pissed me off the most is the working attitude of the ppl there. They just keep on pushing us to this and tat department. They claim that they have informed all the staffs for CONTINUOUS 3 days, including two times in today morning. But we were there since 8.30am, we never hear any announcement!

So as expected, when we explained what we are trying to do, all ppl including the chief department dunno wat's happening.

Then we begged them to make another announcement at 10 sth. But they took another hour to do tat because the MOST OF THE STAFFS in the organizaition went out for "Minum" at 10.30am. They later come back at 11.30am then out to lunch break again from 12.15-2.45pm.

Then, when we finally wait until their lunch hour finish, of coz we have to wait somemore. We dun wan to give up so easily as we dun wan to come here again. But who we are dealing with have no mercy on us, they let us wait until after 4.00pm then only suggest us to come again by saying tat "I think the staffs are not well-informed. So u better come in next monday and next tuesday again."

We were like wat the!! Now u only know they are not well informed?? We explained that we are students in setapak, we have classes and cant always come here. The person amazingly said "Cant do anything also" !@#$%^

When we kept on asking how's the progress, they have no other answers other than "Wait a while see...". When we request to either to go department by department to approach the ppl or make another announcement, they are relunctant to do anything!! Gosh, we all are so pek cek tat time but still have to be polite to them, duh!

When an officer just happen to pass by us at 4.30pm, she somemore ask us to give up as the ppl there normally go back on 4.30pm or 5pm. You count yourselves how much time they spend on really working la!! Minum + lunch break + go back earlier!!

So today, it's all about wait. Wait for bus, wait for lrt, and wait for ppl to treat us like human!

The procedures should be finished in 3 hours. But in the end, it took us from 8.30am til 5pm! And now, have to go again next week! yer, so pek cek to see them la....

Just a group of brainless trying to act pro with lame acting skills, tat's all i can say.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tis video is superb funny...

But wat's the most funny is

Tis is from our 平时不出声,一出吓死人的 Grass.L/草穴人口

haha, 一失言成千古恨...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food Hunt in Petaling Street

I'm a big fan of spicy food since I was small. One good thing to live in kedah is u can easily find for spicy food. But here, i've been trying hard to find one. So, binatang liar recommend can go for asam lasak and ikan bakar in Petaling Street.

So, a few Kedahan and Grass.L go to Petaling Street with binatang liar as tour guide. Firstly we try the asam laksa. Hehe, forget to take photo. It's the best asam laksa i have IN HERE. But it only taste sour. It'll be better if it's spicy a bit. And it costs RM4 leh, normally i buy laksa the most also RM2.50 =.=

Then we go for ikan bakar...

According to binatang liar, they r VERY spicy. BUT...i think the ppl who know me will know wat i'm trying to say ^^

In overall, the lala taste the best for it's very juicy. The sotong and ikan bakar is just so so lo. These 3 plates are RM30 overall

Where can find more spicy food here?? It still a long time be4 i can go back to sp. Mulut gatal leh....

Saturday, July 25, 2009







Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

The movie is really interesting~
It pumps my heart almost throughout the whole movie
Din feel sleepy at all, tat's an odd case for me...
But there's some scenes inside are too exaggerated
or perhaps NYPDs really work in such a big group in the real world, i dunno
It's another exciting movie for me after Transformers 2...
Dun watch Harry Potter!! hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter

My whole day outing plan today, only movie plan is success =(

Before watching this movie, i dun expect it to be nice anyway. I only think tat The Chamber of Secrets and The Goblet of Fire are nice. But later it turns out to be better than my expectation, at least i din sleep in the cinema. It's just a so so movie having no climax, but kinda "extraordinary" tis time as this episode turns out to be a romance movie. I would expect more on the battling towards Voldemort. And I cant believe it can spend almost whole hour on romance, while only takes few seconds to show how Dumbledore died.

Tis is the feedback from a group of secondary students while i'm waiting for my frens. According to them, it din even show "The End" when the movie ends, and they dunno wat the movie is about other than kissing here kissing there. and for tat, it should be rated 18SX, lol

But anyway, it's still better than The Sorcerer's Stone and The Prisoner of Azkaban. They work better than sleeping pills...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good and Bad experiences

After torturing for 2 weeks to see others safe from 2nd round selection, finally get to know tat i'm accepted too! The most important thing is don't have to write a proposal for the project! Love my supervisor so much!

Bad experience in taxi
Met with a superbly irritating taxi driver just now! Keep on asking my fren "Ah Moi, kasut kamu Adidas ke?" although she ignored him. Then, he just kept on looking at the feet of front passenger and the back passenger sitting in the middle, ie me. wtf, just drive ur taxi la...We all girls are so suffering by his weird actions and the disgusting fragrance in the taxi. HB 5871, always remember tis taxi plate!! And feel so lucky today going to school in a rush so dun have the time to wear my Adidas shoes

LRT bad experience
This happen 2 months ago in wangsa LRT station. but recently when chatting with one of my classmate, i learn tat she had the same experience with me in KL central few days ago. The person just keep on promoting to me how important is recycling, and they also help the elders in old folks home. Then, he started to ask me to write my name on the list to support them. At 1st i thought i'm very clever giving the fake name and hp number, but then he asks money from me, and minimum RM30!! Of coz i dun wan to give and wan to walk away, but then fail lo. Somemore, he show me other water fish donate them rm50 in order to persuade me donate rm50, then i just throw him rm30. And i use RM 30 to get this, wtf

a bean wrapping with newspaper putting inside a mini "cute" envelope. See the words on the bean?? 创意无限 and the smiling face, see liao also tulan, dunno wan to laugh or cry

Busy life
Norm of utar: reports + assignments + mid term. They r very close frens, just like to come together to u in the same time...

Leukocytes lose in battle
Fever + sore throat + cough + dizzy + muscle pain. Luckily sleeping therapy just now is quite effective and also no flu, otherwise really symptoms of H1N1. Hope wont ruin my whole day outing plan tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some thoughts

The shaky hand is getting shakier

I know it when i'm using chopsticks

It shakes when i'm taking water bottle....

What happen to my left hand actually??

Do i think too much or it's really getting serious? sigh

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My decisions

After thinking for 2 weeks, finally the decisions are made

The funniest is none of them is same with my potential choices 2 weeks ago

Dun have particular interest

Easily influenced by others

Follow frens' decisions

Scare of the competition of all bioscience students where only 2 students will be chosen

lol, i just hate to make decisions and tend to think too much

praying hard tat the lecturers i choose will choose me

even if it's my 6th choice, hehe

P/S: ice age 3 is really a crap, no meaning at all, funny scenes are limited as well

PP/S: Pokkai d, no more movies until Harry Potter!!

PPP/S: AGM for today is much more better than wat i've expected, retire proudly ^^

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lousy Post...

This is not a mosquito advertisement....

It's just a pity boy had "some" spray on his 21st birthday...

Since I'm a very kind person, of coz I'm not the one who sprayed XD
Hmm, the photos quality is too bad...
This is what will happen when someone with no skills using a lousy cam-hp XD

Oh ya, here are my upcoming "events"
My nightmares~
1. 3 reports
2. 3 assignments
3. Deciding on FYP topics
4. Preparing slides for AGM
5. Preparing a proposal if I wanna choose her topic for FYP

My fun time~
1. Transformers 2
2. Collecting shuttlecocks plan
3. Sing K AGAIN
4. No more committee post (can smell the freedom now^^)

Hmm, nightmares is more than fun time...Perhaps I should plan for a vacation for myself to make it balance. I always want to go to overseas to visit my frens, Korea will be my 1st aim!! Next up Japan, Aus, UK and US!! But too bad, poor ppl like me cant even have enough money to travel around malaysia...haiz

Friday, June 19, 2009


Warning: A boring post ahead...Feel free to close this window =.=

If u know me well enough, i'm sure that i've told u bout mayb i've chosen the wrong course for degree. Seriously, i dunno y i choose this course...

so now the problem comes. A list of FYP topics are in front of me, yet I'm clueless on how to choose. No specific interests in any topics....But i only know i must choose the experiment involve plants insteand of animals becoz i'm scared to touch the animals...hehe, wat a lame excuse...

Last time i used to avoid this problem, but when the time comes, i still have to face it. I really wish tossing coins can help me...

haiz, dunno la. I must finish the instrumental report and assignment 1st then only think la....whole day din start anything because my mind keep swaying away to consider the topics

P/S: an interview with a CEO next wednesday as a part of assignment cause me cant watch transformer with frens....sian

and to the best frens of mine, good luck in ur exam...take good care of urself, soon u'll be "stapleless"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chocolates fever

Addicted to chocolates and watever chocolate flavour junk foods

Keep craving for more every second....haha

Oreo for breakfast

when taking breaks

one by one they melt in my mouth when i'm doing report

oh yeah, not forgetting the chocolate flavsour donut which i like it the most

Tis is how I gain weight from sem to sem XD

But i just cant stop from eating...haha

Friday, June 12, 2009


I wish I'll have a remote control to pause the world. I seriously need a break. I'm fed up everytime my hp rings from day to night as it never rings for good news.

I have to admit i'm just too bad tempered. I dun like to repeat things for too many times tat i've said to the same person. I cant stand when the ppl have made decisions tat cant be changed asking solutions from me. The most important is dun just sms and complain bout something and u just wait for others to settle it for u but u only sit and watch, letting others deal with everything and get wat u wan.

there's some requests tat's over my dead body. U can call me as an irresponsible class rep or watsoever u wanna call. But class rep is not a receptionist at the information counter or officers tat deal with complains. If u wanna complain bout anything, pls go to ask the whole class opinions before u come to me. Ur own opinions do not represent majority and u know i wont entertain and make myself busy dealing with the office just becoz of ur own opinion.

And one thing, if u know me well, i'll never try to complain anything to the office when I know alternatives ways are almost impossible. Oh yeah, u'll never know me....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

holiday ends T.T

finally my 2 weeks+ holiday ends, so sad. i din even play enough.

well, poor ppl like me cant go for a trip, so hav to stay in the house. basically, i spend the whole holidays with the following things

tis japanese drama actually is quite old d, perhaps 4 or 5 years ago, but if u're interested in tis kind of story, it's nice! u can see how ugly is the character of some ppl just to become professors. the main actor is quite yeng somemore, haha. i'm searching for the 2nd episode now...

of coz, my cousins who played these games with me are so pek cek with my no-skills and cant recognize the map. everytime i played, i will just run here and there aimlessly, hehe. i'm gonna practice more from now on XD

tis is the life of a 宅女, hehe