Friday, January 29, 2010

Camera Fever

I've been wanting a digital cam since last year. Yet making decision on which model to buy is just so damn hard.

After asking some opinions from some frens, apparently Lumix DMC-LX3 is the most suggested.

Everything looks so good bout this model, but the only disadvantage is it's so damn expensive. My budget is just below RM1k T.T

And the most important is, I haven't ask the permission to buy a camera from family T.T

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Movie movie!!

Recommended movie! It's so damn funny throughout the whole movie! And kinda sad for few scenes as well! Tis is the 2nd comedy tat i like the most after "Four Christmas" XD

Talking about comedy, this reminds me of Ju-on 3. I'm not a big fans of horror movie, (coz I'm a coward and only cover eyes in cinema XD), yet I rather to watch the movie than to do the terrible horrible thesis. Right be4 entering the theater, I already scared by the movie poster outside, haha.

But in the end, unexpectedly this movie turns out to be a comedy, with ppl joking bout the movie in cinema, a coward character that looks like Jackie Chan, a funny act of a "bomoh" that ppl say look like Naruto, the funny sound effect for the ghosts, basketball running around instead of ghost running around...

My sis and frens are very disappointed with this movie coz Ju-on 2 is really horror. But for me luckily it's a comedy, otherwise i dunno how i will react in the cinema, lol

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It seems like a bit late to post about this. It's always a habit for me to spend a lot during December. Shopping, movies, trips, sing ks etc etc. All these things never fail to burn holes in my pockets.

1. Bukit Tinggi with classmates & a bunch of schizos. Thanks Ednalyn for the photos. Whenever there's this bunch of schizos, u'll never stop laughing. Doing FYP together with u guys is really a nice experience although the project itself is kinda irritating, lol. Now I have finished the project, but i remembered how we make chaos in the lab ^^

2. Christmas in Genting. This is absolutely the worst Christmas ever, no countdown, pay RM18 for a place to sleep instead of movie. But this is also the 1st time step into casino, not to gamble of coz XD

3. Hang outs with 5.0 frens for shopping and 3D Avatar on Christmas. Unfortunately, the day be4 I did not have nice sleep in Genting, so I accidentally slept again in cinema

4. Pre new year celebration and Welcome party for my best fren who just back from Korea. And how lucky I am to receive my birthday present although almost pass a month tat day, haha

Due to all these outings, I kept on receiving spotcheck phone calls from parents. But whatever, now I'm back to sp, at least no spotchecks for some times, hehe.

Oh ya, yesterday had a nice time shopping and 4 hours "concert" focusing on 90's English, Rainie's, SHE's and Jay's with my sis in Sunway Carvinal although tis trip to Butterworth is kinda curi-curi. Only both of us know why we have to keep it so secretly, lol. I dunno wat's the name of the one we visited but red box will be much more better for the MVs, haha. Not to mention the 50% and 70% sales that made me almost lose control. January in my dictionary is a nice month to spend on CNY clothes ^^