Monday, November 29, 2010

No cure

after no aim, now is no cure...

Paying so much effort in saving money for my travelling dream, one time shopping, one item, all gone T.T

"Why not wearing the new shoes?"

"Old one still can be worn ma..."

"Then why u buy a new one....????"

What a good question =.=

Shopping kills me....

Friday, November 12, 2010

No aim

Last time, I wish to graduate so much

I wish to work so that I can earn and buy the things I want

And now, I've graduated and I start working, but so what?

Suddenly I feel there's nothing more I can aim for

What am I expecting?

Money? Power? Entertainment?

Still figuring out...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Consequences of ignoring the advise?

Everytime when taking the MRT

There's always announcement "Don't lean against the train door"

My thought always is "CEH~ The opposite door open, I lean this door CANNOT meh?"

There's even one time an old worker approach me and told me not to lean

Tat time I was like "Other ppl also lean u din say...Give you face lo..."

LOL, yesterday, as usual, my fren and I lean against the door, which we knew it wont open

but when the train started to move after stopping at one station

My fren and I felt weird that why suddenly there's strong wind behind us??

When i turned around, opps, the train door that shouldn't be opened had been opened halfway

But we're so calm that we naturally pull back the slide door to close it

Luckily it can be closed, hehe

Things that sound so impossible can just happen anytime, hmmm