Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lousy Post...

This is not a mosquito advertisement....

It's just a pity boy had "some" spray on his 21st birthday...

Since I'm a very kind person, of coz I'm not the one who sprayed XD
Hmm, the photos quality is too bad...
This is what will happen when someone with no skills using a lousy cam-hp XD

Oh ya, here are my upcoming "events"
My nightmares~
1. 3 reports
2. 3 assignments
3. Deciding on FYP topics
4. Preparing slides for AGM
5. Preparing a proposal if I wanna choose her topic for FYP

My fun time~
1. Transformers 2
2. Collecting shuttlecocks plan
3. Sing K AGAIN
4. No more committee post (can smell the freedom now^^)

Hmm, nightmares is more than fun time...Perhaps I should plan for a vacation for myself to make it balance. I always want to go to overseas to visit my frens, Korea will be my 1st aim!! Next up Japan, Aus, UK and US!! But too bad, poor ppl like me cant even have enough money to travel around malaysia...haiz

Friday, June 19, 2009


Warning: A boring post ahead...Feel free to close this window =.=

If u know me well enough, i'm sure that i've told u bout mayb i've chosen the wrong course for degree. Seriously, i dunno y i choose this course...

so now the problem comes. A list of FYP topics are in front of me, yet I'm clueless on how to choose. No specific interests in any topics....But i only know i must choose the experiment involve plants insteand of animals becoz i'm scared to touch the animals...hehe, wat a lame excuse...

Last time i used to avoid this problem, but when the time comes, i still have to face it. I really wish tossing coins can help me...

haiz, dunno la. I must finish the instrumental report and assignment 1st then only think la....whole day din start anything because my mind keep swaying away to consider the topics

P/S: an interview with a CEO next wednesday as a part of assignment cause me cant watch transformer with frens....sian

and to the best frens of mine, good luck in ur exam...take good care of urself, soon u'll be "stapleless"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chocolates fever

Addicted to chocolates and watever chocolate flavour junk foods

Keep craving for more every second....haha

Oreo for breakfast

when taking breaks

one by one they melt in my mouth when i'm doing report

oh yeah, not forgetting the chocolate flavsour donut which i like it the most

Tis is how I gain weight from sem to sem XD

But i just cant stop from eating...haha

Friday, June 12, 2009


I wish I'll have a remote control to pause the world. I seriously need a break. I'm fed up everytime my hp rings from day to night as it never rings for good news.

I have to admit i'm just too bad tempered. I dun like to repeat things for too many times tat i've said to the same person. I cant stand when the ppl have made decisions tat cant be changed asking solutions from me. The most important is dun just sms and complain bout something and u just wait for others to settle it for u but u only sit and watch, letting others deal with everything and get wat u wan.

there's some requests tat's over my dead body. U can call me as an irresponsible class rep or watsoever u wanna call. But class rep is not a receptionist at the information counter or officers tat deal with complains. If u wanna complain bout anything, pls go to ask the whole class opinions before u come to me. Ur own opinions do not represent majority and u know i wont entertain and make myself busy dealing with the office just becoz of ur own opinion.

And one thing, if u know me well, i'll never try to complain anything to the office when I know alternatives ways are almost impossible. Oh yeah, u'll never know me....