Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pay for nothing...

I just cant stop laughing at my fren who go to Melati McD just to order a milo though can get a cheaper milo at petronas gas station just beside McD. How generous to donate to McD!

But recently some frens started laughing at me for donating to cinema esp GSC too much.

Y? I think should list down the movies 1st.

1. Whiteout
2. Doreamon
3. A Christmas Carol
3. 2012
4. Avatar
5. Bodyguard Assassin
6. Treasure Hunter

Wat i'm trying to show is not i watch too much of movies. I just happen to sleep in the cinema watching these movies. Luckily, some of the movies are interesting enough to wake me up after few to ten minutes.

Best of the best goes to Treasure Hunter. I cant comment on the quality of the movie becoz i dun even know wat's the story. I watch tis movie at 2am and i sleep throughout the movie. I only manage to watch five scenes of the movie, where i cant relate any stories at all.

Some frens say i'm too rich to sleep in cinema. Some say i'm too pity tat i got no place to sleep in home, so have to sleep in cinema

The only reply i can give is "Thanks to fyp tat makes me so tired and lack of rest"

So it's a about fyp-killing-me post AGAIN, lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thumbs up for this movie! especially the effects and nice scenery in the forest. Give me the feeling of final fantasy 10.

Deeply fall in love with the forest and was nearly cry when see the sorrow of the natives when the forest is being destroyed.

If want me to point out the weakness of this movie, perhaps no leng zai? wakakaka

too bad din get the chance to watch the 3D version...

Friday, December 11, 2009


today suddenly found out tis picture from computer.

tis "red-mail" letter is actually a joke to binatang liar few months ago, an idea from the two YYs while i'm just being the "sponsorship" to print, keke. the name of this "operation" is OBAK, but i already forget wat's the full name, some kind of "operasi banteras xx kuning"

in order to make as if someone really blackmailing, we have planned tat once she saw the letter from the lab manual, YY will sms and ask the YY in kampar use an unknown number to sms binatang liar "你知道我再等你吗?--- 变屎金刚"

but somehow the plan changed a bit due to YY's hp suddenly rosak. maybe tis is balasan of trying to fool ppl

although in the end still manage to send this prank letter and sms to her, obviously this letter and sms is too fake until reveal to binatang liar tat tis 变屎金刚 is from the same class one and beside her one. immediately me and yy become 1st suspects edi.

lame idea it is afterall, haha