Monday, February 23, 2009

non-human life

although utar is my choice, but i just cant stop complaining n regretting due to the packed schedule and endless works.

week 7 sat : MB test 1
week 8 mon : C & C mid term
week 8 tue : PTC & ATC mid term (morning)
week 8 tue : C & C presentation (afternoon)
week 8 wed : MB report due date
week 8 thu : moral mid term
week 8 thu : moral assignment due date [settled ^^]
week 8 thu : ATC report due date
week 8 fri : genetics report due date

week 8 is really a terrible horrible week!!!

i seriously need to clone another brain for myself. My B-drive just cant support to run so many programs at the same time. N it's totally low capacity already T.T

n wat m i doing? i'm still addicted to dramaS. to cure myself from the addiction??

amen n good luck for all my frens...

P/S: i'm glad loading of facebook currently is slow til i giv up to log in. at least now i hv more time n reasons to study, lol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my weekend...

14th Feb

while all the couples r busy dating, the singles r busy celebrating as well. it's yy big sis's birthday! so we all headed to Nando's in jusco for lunch as celebration after dr. gideon EXTRA lectures (well, i guess he'd a nice or rather shocked valentine also receiving 3 beautiful yellow roses from students, lol).

well, apparently i'm not a pro blogger. i'm just busy eating n din take any photos coz i'm too hungry d.

then, after lunch, we headed to play some games... to release tensions since the testssss are just around the corner...

basketball is our favourite game! someone need to stand on a box to play somemore, lol. well, i'm not going to reveal my marks here, it's gonna be shocking! hehe

playing drum

tis is the result of another wu liao game--hitting the animals coming out from 9 holes

these ppl r so keen in throwing things to release tension

then at night, we headed to a bangkok kopitiam in genting klang. once again, i'm not a pro blogger n only manage only to take the photo of the drinks--lychee + watermelon which i liked it so much, cant believe the combination will b tat good...


went to time square to meet up with hometown frens. being a superb punctual person, i waited them for 30 minutes there! shoudn't b punctual next time. luckily i'm smart enough to shop for my own things 1st n manage to get it all be4 they arrive, lol.

the schedule:
12.00pm- i arrived at time square
12.30pm- these ppl only arrive...
1.00pm - still haven decide where to have lunch
1.15pm - cincai enter "Gasoline"
1.20pm - decide to head to Kim Gary in sg. wang
3.00pm - finish lunch
3.15pm - reached pavillion, planned for movie
3.30pm - reached low yat for singing k
9.00pm - go back

i dunno how come their decisions is so "cute" tat have to walk here n there, from time square end up in sg. wang, then from pavillion end up in low yat =.=

everytime in kim gary, i must take the photo of the menu becoz of Bosco!

hui yi n her current roommate, who kena shocked by kok pei many times, lol

jia xin, yi zhi, kok pei

me cam-whoring while waiting to enter kim gary...

well, tis is the 1st time i being so "owe hit", enter a restaurant, n left after the waiter gave us the menus...

n tis is the 1st time we begged for the waiter to giv us bills after singing 5 hours. we dun know we'll have extra hours, thus shouting n high gao gao during 1st 3 hours, so we're really tired in the end.

we thought our session will end after 5 hours, but apparently there's no sign of ending. they're so generous! so we end up singing 5 n half hours, although red box still haven cut off our session!! perhaps they allow us to sing 6 hours, lol.

i'm glad tat we're voluntary to cut off the session, otherwise it'll become jay chou's concert d, lol. at least 12 songs continously from jay! well, i dunno we'll have enough time to finish them all n still hav extra time after tat. tis is crazy!!! anyway i really had a great time coz i'm the one choosing his songs...haha

sp kaki

tis weekend is really wonderful! thank you my frens! but i gotta work hard d, there's tests in the following 3 weeks T.T

P/S: cg, i seem like got promised u to do the tagged tis weekend ho. sorry hav to ffk u, lol. next week la, hehe

Monday, February 9, 2009


there's one geng person
when ppl ask 饺子性什么listen become 脚趾姓什么?

when asking ppl ask the stupid question
下个星期二是拜几?(i wanna ask the date)
wat is toilet bowl called in english? (i wanna ask malay de)

but the most geng-est
moral assignment is written in ENGLISH!!!

the geng person is ME la (need to say one meh?)

in the morning, ppl reminded me moral assignment is written in malay
but i typed in english in the afternoon!!!
i only realized when i read back the question....
but tat time already type one paragraph d...
*luciky just typed one paragraph*

got ppl say i'm at risk for parkinson disease...
omg omg omg....

Friday, February 6, 2009

the reason for being K??

regarding on greg's post on the K-cancelling machine

i think i've found the reason behind it


dang dang!


i found tis product in my house which belongs to my housemate
greg, mayb there's really Chromosome K tat codes for Organ K!!!
it's actually a vegetable powder product, a healthy product

i know i shoudn't laugh at him
so tis is my balasan...
recently i cant pronounce properly...
i wanna said 画饼充饥 become 画饼抽筋, lol

now i'm wondering if there's any product called "ORGAN S" XD

Thursday, February 5, 2009

during and after CNY

During CNY...

one of my favourite's deco

at 1st i thought it's the real peach tree =.=

Activities done...

- visit grandparents/superstar and relatives to grab ang paoSSS....

- steamboat with family

- attend cousin's wedding ceremony in chu 2

- allergy to dunno-wat happen halfway during the ceremony
--> conditions get worse after drinking wine in the midnight
--> red spots on arms and thighs (i dunno will become so serious, lol)
--> went to see doctor in chu3 n list down to him the food i've eaten(so sui T.T)
--> doctor: mayb allergy to seafood (great, i din know tis for 19+ years)
--> kena injection (lagi sui)
--> kena consume pills in the following days

- yam cha with frens straightly after see doctor, lol
--> tumpang fren's car, driver lost in sp for a moment though live in sp for ~18 years and sp is really a small place, haha

- sleep 4 rounds a day
--> the pills make me so sleepy
--> perhaps the nurse gave me sleeping pills instead of allergy pills

- gamble with family from new year eve until i come back to kl, lol(tis year win RM2 only, but too bad fail to get 天糊)

After CNY...

- rush assignments n reports til siao (just now got ppl told me their group had finished moral assignment, but i haven download the question @_@)

- replacement of classes til siao (longer than working hour but no one's paying me OT)

- my beloved genetics lecturer somemore burden us with EXTRA classes coz need to rush syllabus

haiz, so big difference between during n after cny...
wat to say, utar my choice ma....