Sunday, March 29, 2009

UTAR Idol '09

Last sunday, we went to PJ for UTAR Idol event. Thanks adrian for his kindness to fetch yy and me from Asian Jaya to PD. We need to go to SS17 to fetch yy's sis, but too bad, he's fetching 贼人aka yy and her sis who volunteer to show the ways but cant even differentiate left and right tat nearly lead us to SS2. And for yy's sis who live in PJ for almost 3 years, din even cant lead us correctly from SS17 to PD. Luckily, we're not so blur to be cheated by the twins.

The event was scheduled to start at 5pm. Perhaps the GMT time in PJ is GMT+9 instead of GMT+8, the so called 5pm for them is actually 6pm for us.

photos of the days....

thx adrian and mei sze for reserving VIP tickets for us although we confirm to go very last minutes ^^

the decoration of the stage

the opening performance by the finalists

contestants from FES

1st runner-up of the day

Here's r the video of some performances. So regret for not recording the duet performance by ah loh and her coursemates singing "when u believe". The performance is great! sorry for blur image as "parkinson" disease strikes me again during halfway, geez

Winner of the day--ah loh singing 自己

she's so leng loi..singing "i'll always lov u"

Kien from FES singing 那首歌

she can dance...

we like his voice...singing 唯一

another awesome performance "Loving u"--2nd runner up of the day

us with the winner--ah loh

I personally think tat some finalists hav the quality to become professional singers. They hav great voice. Some of them can even sing better than the some finalists in some singing competitons on tv, esp the shows with eliminating system based on sms voting, geez

Thursday, March 26, 2009


despite the continuously upcoming tests, we went out for movie again.

tis time we watch "Knowing" by Nicholas Cage

it's mainly about the numbers written by a girl tat can predict the date, location and number of death of the disasters. i thought the movie is just a typical movie about knowing the future and try to save the people lives. but i guess it wrongly, the movie is about human cant change the destiny although they know the future.

the movie is very interesting and exciting in the beginning. but too bad, the ending is just too mythical and i just cant understand the ending. it's like y suddenly appear such thing? and i think the ending is related to the Bible, so i cant understand the ending. i wonder the two kids appear at the ending whether r adam and eve, haha, just simply guess la...

everytime when a movie is related to Bible, i cant understand the ending. next time, i think should really do survey bout the movie 1st whether it's related to any religions be4 watching, otherwise i was like "huh, like tat also can?" in the cinema...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

moral presentation

today's really a 'nice' day. from 8.30am til 7.00pm, i'm so tired. but tmr 8.30am to 6pm class, duh. though moral is scheduled til 7.00pm for the whole sem, tis is in fact the 1st time i come back at 7.00pm (u get wat i mean? hehe). i have to stay til so late becoz my group is the last group to present today, so "lucky".

well, the night before the presentation, i forget bout the presentation and was busy with dramas. then ah vien suddenly ask me at almost 11pm whether wanna iron my clothes. tat time i was stunned for quite long, wondering y i should iron my clothes. then only i realized got presentation in the next day. thank god, if she din remind me, i'm sure forget to bring the formal attires to uni today.

but wat swt me the most is after ironing my clothes....

the moral script is always beside my laptop when i'm watching drama but i never realize tat and forget bout the "existence" of the presentation

then today during the presentation...from 30+ ppl gradually down to 10 ppl and finally to 3ppl though from TWO COURSES. but wat funny is the attendence is always full.

photos taken during presentation. really thank these 3 audience. they r so patient waiting until 6.30pm. the other one is the lecturer, lol

but being the last group is never good, esp when there's still some free time for the lecturer to ask u questions. luckily he's just asking out of curiousity and he kena cheated by the pro explaining skills but indeed "blowing water" (吹水)of min zhin and mok.

then in the bus on the way back...

normally genting klang utar bus is always full but tat time is so empty

my hp cam is really lousy, cant take photos in dark conditions. but the driver is really cute and kind tat purposely swtich on the light for us to take photos. he somemore ask us whether we had finished taking the photos so he wan to turn off the light, lol. he seems understand mandarin.

with the end of this moral presentation, it's the end of presentation for tis sem, so happy!! n i personally think tat tis is the 1st time and the last time i go back home at 7.00pm for tis sem, hehe

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


saturday (14/3)

went to Beautiful Gate in PJ organized by CSS. actually i'm really lazy to go as need to wake up so early n the journey just in lrt is really damn long lo. but i wont ffk ppl de, hehe

It's an organization for the disabled children. talking bout the house, perhaps the house is a bit small and limited space, so they ONLY have two LCD tv, one of them got astro. aiya, forget to take photo to prove...(my own house wan to change to LCD tv since last year but til now also hav to think twice lo)

the "guard dog" at the entrance

we brought the children to Tropicana City Mall after a briefing to shop for ingredients for making cupcakes, cookies and salad...

explaining on how to choose ingredients

watching interesting shows while waiting for cars...

group photo of the day...

while preparing the cupcakes, cookies and salad...

woohoo, 1st time see foong kheng enter kitchen

somebody just dont forget to curi makan!!!

singing session by so called jay lee

the birthday boy who also appoint me to push him, hehe

cupcakes, not bad le the taste...hehe

pirated chipsmore...

no photos of the salad (but i prefer to call it rojak)...

the trip end at about 4.30pm but take me another 2 hours to reach home. who ask lrt so slow???


monday (16/3)

mayb we're too excited tat lee chong wei win lin dan in sunday night, so we also wan to train our skills....

but too bad, i langsung dunno how to play. ppl muscle pain becoz of playing badminton but i muscle pain becoz of collecting shuttlecocks. now wan to move also hard coz whole body pain, and some ppl say i'm like a pregnant lady tat have difficulties in moving =.=


tuesday (17/3)

spot summon by utar today....

tis is by DBKL, but we think it's quite fake since some words are written by pen, n impossible DBKL will enter utar to summon ppl ba...

guess tis is done by utar guard. we're so sui kept on laughing at tis. i wonder utar will clamp the tyres if the owner still continue parking??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

as a very outdated person, i only watched tis movie today

it is a British film shooting in India.

i remembered last time a fren recommended tis movie to me, but tat time i was thinking "huh, wan to watch hindu movie in cinema meh???" although she tried to convince me tat tis movie was awarded in Oscar, but for me, awarded movies r the movies tat cant be understood. i'm just not artistic enough to understand the movies.

somemore i used to think tat hindu movies always got ppl sing n dance from mountain to sea, n normally it's at least 3 hours. but after so many ppl said it's nice, i decided to watch it before it disappears from cinema...

n the conclusion is...

it's really a nice movie....

the story is so touching. the poor people r really kesian. but too bad i still cannot understand sone scenes when his mother was killed by others for no reason and suddenly he saw Rama (should b a Hindu God) on the street.

so today my conclusion is "not all awarded movies r tat bad", hehe

P/S: saw the trailer of Harry Potter n Transformer today, hav to wait next sem
PP/S: saw the trailer of Knowing by Nicholas Cage, seems not bad...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week 8 summary

the crazy week 8 is finally over, n wohooo, finally can really rest n sleep enough, hehe. it's been a tough week to go through, with memorizing the different subjects in the same time. So end up my local B drive processing is very slow coz no time to defragment it, lol.


few days ago, my msn seems like can feel my craziness, so it went crazy as well.

a .doc file somehow mutate become .jpg file


in friday, at around 1.15pm, utar mayb din pay electric bill and suddenly has no electricity supply. but the hardworking dr. anna wans to see "UCB guy" so much that she insisted to teach until 2.30pm, so we "enjoy" the free sauna room in utar.

but wat's interesting is when we walked out from the sauna room...

utar's website photos always show how greenish it is n how students enjoying on the greenish grass despite the hot weather. so here we r trying to show utar website really never cheat ppl de. there's really got students enjoy sitting on the greenish grass...


i receive the 1st gift from my sis, here it is...

a home for my hp

thank you so much, but i've no idea when u can receive ur 1st gift from me, lol.


after all the tests, my leukocyte lose to bacteria in the wars. my plan to go to Talipon n genting or sing k spoil T.T. anyway thanks to the free sauna room n sufficient sleep, i'm recovering ^^