Wednesday, October 29, 2008

few days of holidays...

i like holidays...
thanks to deepavali
thanks to saturday n sunday
haha, thanks to another "bonus "day of holiday
so 4 days of holidays, wakaka

but i still cant sleep well during the holidays
my house is full of babies crying sound and relatives talking hakka loudly
n i dun understand hakka >.<
my cousin marriege's sunday was on sunday
(i live with her for more than 10 years, so can say is my sis XD)
since there's a professional photographer there taking photos
i feel very paisei to take out my camera phone to take photos
so no photos of the dinner from me...haha

but my cousins n i quite fed up with some conversations

"ting, where u study now? study wat?"
"UTAR, biotech"
"ooo..setapak rite? xxx also study there ma..accounting..."
"nono, tat one is KTAR, UTAR not same with KTAR, UTAR is university"
"shi meh? in setapak ma...not KTAR meh?"
"setapak got KTAR n UTAR, UTAR is just beside KTAR"
"ooo..i never heard of UTAR"
"now 1st year la?"
"no, 2nd year liao.."
"huh??? so fast meh? u still look like a ginna (child)"
"*speechless*hehe...short ma"
"wah, u thin a lot hor, keep fit ar?"
"*speechless*no la, i eat a lot one, the food there all big size de"
"shi meh? i thought u wan to save money dun buy food"
"then now u holiday la?" when open school?"
"yaya, january only open school liao"
" so long ar"
"yaya, 3 months ma"
"wah, really long lo...din do anything meh?"
"got training lo"
" fast train de meh? train where?"
" wat?"
"*speechless* training la, do research like tat"
"oooo, good lo good lo. got money de?"
"huh? no money de? then ma do buta-buta, hao siao eh"

(be4 tat say training good lo good lo, once hear no money become like tat =.=")

then my cousin kena

"where u work now?"
"oooo...wah singapore good lo! where u work?"
"xxxxx company"
"work as wat?"
"engineer la, i study engineering ma"
"ooo...wat ur job is about?"
"*speechless* my job very complicated lo. dunno how to say"
"huh? u do wat u dunno how to say ur job de meh?"
"*dunno how to say to u"
another cousin:"say liao u also dun understand, so really dunno how to say to u"
"haiyo, u haven tell me how u know i wont understand, u say liao mayb i can understand leh"

n for ur information, the conversation above has been repeated many times to different ppl
how i wish can record them then play them whenever there's ppl asking me same thing

other than holidays, actually i like the 1 hour lunch break de
i always try to eat asap so tat i can come to on9, haha

so i received tis email AGAIN!
i have to emphasize the word "AGAIN"
coz i receive it more than 10 times for the last few YEARS.
(mayb even more coz i still have many unread mails, haha)

when i read tis mail, i'm very pekcek (sorry, i dun mean to offense anyone)
it's really annoying...
from the mail, it claims tat it's not a prank n ask readers to go to
as a prove tat the news is real..

i always ignore tis email until today
i opened the link stated in the mail
wtf, the news is written in 2001 =.="
n i found another news written in 2006 commenting on that news
it has been CLARIFIED as a prank since 2006
now is 2008, 2009 soon
n i still receive tis email =.=

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14th Oct

Happy Birthday Shin Leong! it has been one and a half year since you left.

Above sentences is taken from william.

*I'm so sorry n regret for not coming back to sp on 9/3/07*

*Sorry for not being a good fren...*

Saturday, October 11, 2008

tagged + a little update

First of all, thanks KL for tagging me. tis is the 1st time I thank ppl for tagging me =.=
But tis tag is really different with other tags. It’s really hard to do coz I din know which habits of mine r weird for others, haha

RULE: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAG backs!
(10 ppl really too much la wei…)

  1. I dun live with my parents and sisters until now
  2. I’m a big fans of chocolates n orange. So I always buy drinks and biscuits with chocolate or orange flavor.
  3. I always like to bully insects n small small animals (max lizard size, lol) but scare when dogs n cats (even the small cute dogs) come near me. However, I scare snakes the most becoz of the close encounter with a poisonous snake when I was small.
  4. I always imagine the weird weird n kinda unrealistic things in my head. So dun b shock when u see me suddenly laughing alone.
  5. I always like to sing n draw. N I’m so “honour” tat my singing (念经) n drawings skills (画符) can be used to scare ghosts, keke
  6. I like to stay up alone until very late no matter I have things to do or not coz I like the cold night n the silence n I really hate to wake up early. Tat’s y I’m very lazy to go for the industrial training now, hehe.
  7. I once owned a cactus (which should b very easy to take care) but it died becoz too much of watering, hehe. Let’s imagine a cactus with a trunk as soft as a plastic bag filled with water, so tat is my dead cactus =.=
  8. I always wan to try to watch movie in the cinema in the midnight n also sing k til the next morning.
  9. I like to kap leng zai, hehe.
  10. I dun like to talk when I’m tired or busy or when in bad mood. Tat’s y can say I’m so noisy in the campus but will become so silent when I’m back to house. Sometimes I can din say a word for the whole day in the weekend, hehe
  11. I always wan to try to race car. (but I think my skills can only support for 60km/h, haha)
  12. I like shopping alone n also always cam-whoring..hehe
  13. I get my driving license since feb 2006, but til now I still dunno how to park a car, unless there’s no parking line, then I can simply park, haha
  14. I like to play tingting but lack of time, skills n financial support, XD
  15. I think tat tag is very wuliao but since I’m an extremely wuliao person, I always answer them all with 100% hardwork, haha

My victims: Viv, Greg, william, vien, mok, nixxie, Jacq, kiki, hy, amy

(haha, I know they will ignore tis tag also. But since I said I’ll do tis tag with 100% hardwork, I still write 10 ppl names, XD)


so, tat's end of 1 week of my industrial training, 10 weeks or 50 days left. i really dunno how to describe tat actually. i waste the 1st 2 days sitting there waiting spider web. my supervisor was on leave so i got nothing to do. other officers ask me to WAIT A WHILE but left me waiting for few hours. few hours later they will come to me n say:" sorry, pls wait for another moment." i was bored to maximum but i have to smile to them and say "take ur time". =.= so their "another moment" takes me another few hours, in the end they finally ask me to do things which actually can be finished in 15 minutes (mayb i'm too efficient, keke). n the second day, i thought meeting with my supervisor will finally have sth to do, but the meeting is nothing but just to show face and said will only give me things to do on the next day. tat time one minutes seem one hour for me. industrial training trains nothing but my patience....

for the 3rd days onwards, i received a project, which is join other ppl final year project. the project is about doing research on plants crude extracts to determine whether they possess antimicrovial, analgesic and anticancer activity. i will be doing on the papaya and kunyit leaves. the project sounds interesting to me at 1st. but then comes another bad news. i have to write a proposal of the project in one week. of coz internet sources cant be used, so i have to look out for related journals in the library myself. i dun mind reading the boring journals for long time but cant understand them in the end, but wat kill me is the process of finding the related journals from journals books n megazine. the percentage of getting the related journals is less than 1%, can say is harder than kena lottery =.=

so from 3rd day to 5th day, i spend my time in the library except lunch break and doing the experiments (which is actually take 2 hours only). on thursday i even spend 7 hours in the library (FYI, my working hour is 8 hours). my groupmates thought i'm a veryveryvery hardworking person coz whenever they wanna find me, i'm in the library. n it's really funny coz in utar, it's kinda a miracle for me to step into the library other than to read the newspaper or to photostat, lol.

n their insufficient apparatus tat slow down the process of the project really pissed me off. n their suggestion on alternative solutions is lagi geng, coz actually to extract the leaves using the apparatus takes 2 days, but if use their suggestion to extract, it takes at least 3 MONTHS! omg, tat time i already finish training la. i dun mind it if u do the report for me. how m i going to write a report? go to observe the leaves everyday just to wait to get the extracts???

reading journals is really boring tat i always sms to my frens asking how's their industrial training. haha, n it's kinda shocked me to receive some frens sms saying tat they're also boring coz nothing to do, only a few din reply me coz too busy. i get to know some ppl go there just showing faces, or bring their own laptop, ipod or story books to spend time there. n my way of spend time is by sms and cam-whoring XD. but on friday, i finally come to know tat their computer lab do not require password to login, n tat's really such a GREAT news to me. so i on9 with reasons tat i wanna find on9 journals, but i end up chatting with fren who is actually having training at tat time, haha. n FYI, i haven get my pas due to the great efficiency of HR department, i'm actually an intruder into their library and computer by using my fren id, haha.

so tat's wat i have been doing during my week 1 of my industrial training. thx to them, i crack my head just to write the proposal (coz it's beyond my ability since i dun understand the journals) as well as my weekly report (coz i mostly doing nothing or just drowning in the sea of journals or pretend i'm busy but actually sleeping or on9 chatting or sms or cam-whoring, haha)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


i got sth very important to announce...
very important
tat is....

actually i'm still alive de...kekeke

i disappear from internet too long time edi
so i know some ppl will miss me so much
esp for the ppl who find me to chat once i on9, hahaha
tat's y i make tis announcement

been busy travelling within malaysia since after exam
PLUS earn so much money from me
genting is such a boring place for me now
unless got ppl willing to sponsor me to play the tingting, hehe
since i'm too young, i still cant enter casino...
somemore genting should provide free wireless for the employees
so tat i can tumpang the line...hehe

for the tzu chi camp, it's not bad de...
the ppl there r really friendly
if can add more games then it will be better
but no matter wat, it will b veryveryvery perfect if the girls dun have to tie up 2 "bian zi"
yala, act cute is not my style ma, kekeke...
n tat time i swear it will be the 1st n last time i tie up my hair like tat.... XD

for the one day trip in malacca
i sia sui again to say tat
"last time learn in history a MOUSE kick a TIGER into sungai melaka"
the trip is not bad,
just tat most of the food stores tat piang recommend r closed
somemore the cc n pool start closing at early
for me tat time the night is just begin...haha
n sing k sing til half can "hang gei" 1...not bad
but really thank u piang n his family 感恩,哈哈

central square is still the same, nothing change much
still is the "paradise" of sin min ppl coz can see many sin min ppl hanging around

tmr will b the 1st day of my industrial training
really lazy to go there leh...
somemore have to wake up so early
not yet holiday enough....
til now i still dunno wat's my job
but i already can imagine the job roughly are
washing the apparatus after ppl using them;
helping ppl do the printing job;
sweeping the floor of the lab;
watering the plants;
so in conclusion....KULI tat is FOC..hahhaa

here is another announcement for the ppl who will miss me
i will disappear from internet until next year january 12,
unless u willing to sponsor me streamyx to use
in return i will give u jay songs....from the 1st album to the latest..
n also my latest photos....hahhahaha (the internet now not yet fast enough to upload photos)
cant wait it's 20 dec now, hahhaha
also cant wait to meet my best fren...souvenirSSSS pls...keke, THANK YOU~