Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Famine 30 DIY Camp in PJ campus (part 1)

Ever since Muzhi promotes about Famine 30 during foundation, I always wanted to join. But every year also kena exam or assignment time. And this year, finally I have the chance to go although I nearly cant make it.

During registration

Due to not enough registration forms and someone ffk us, end up not many frens joining.

H1N1 impact. Body temperature was checked be4 going in.

While waiting, we played a game that I'm totally blur blur with in the beginning and my role is to end the chain of the game, lol. Oh yeah, same goes to Grass L., memang sia sui

The refugees game

Somehow PD campus is full of ppl from Japan, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, China etc and "Earthquake" occurred. All of us have to find own family members. My family members in this game is from Ireland. Grass is from Nigeria, and according to her, she learns from Micheal Jackson and bleach herself. That's why she's not so dark although from Nigeria.

After finding family members, we have to fight and take the necessary things to build a "house". You have to fight for the chairs and tables in order to build a house. Early birds have the advantage XD

The "houses"

The overview of Ireland "house". Haiz, I'm the oldest among the girls of Ireland =(

The Irelands

Also, we have to obtain "vaccines" to avoid quarantined in "Hospital". In the beginning, goverment vaccines are free of charger while private vaccines are very expensive. In the end, government vaccines becomes same price with private vaccines as well. You have to negotiate (or threaten) them to give you vaccines.

Of coz, as refugees, we are very poor and have to find jobs. There are legal jobs and illegal jobs. I dunno what legal jobs are since my identity that time is a 8-year-old child. If I wanna work, I only can work illegally as child labour. Illegal jobs include prostitutes and smuggle drugs.

This is one of the jobs...Not good to mention what kind of job here la ^^

Sometimes, the rich ppl will throw money but have to fight with ppl to get the money

But actually, rich ppl are good water fish. Help them do things and make them satisfy and ask for commission, earn more and no need to fight with ppl XD

The police (in blue shirt) with "gun" catching the criminals

Some ppl were caught for robbing or smuggle drugs and end up in "Jail" for 10 minutes. Too bad, I played the game too legally. What a waste I never have the chance to stay inside XD

Not forgetting how we try to earn some extra money. Somehow my groupmates manage to pick up ppl "identity card" and vaccines from dunno where. Too bad the owner of the IC rather have no IC also dun wan to buy it.

Lessons from this game
1. Illegal jobs can earn a lot.
2. When see police and you're doing illegal thing, fast fast run la....
3. When ppl drop money on the floor, pick it up and insist they're yours. You're not robbing.
4. You wont get into jail when you cheat money from the rich ppl

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dunno wat to put...

Last week, i just cant stop teasing my frens busying for assignments or exam but i'm so free til need to think on how to waste time.

But now, i'm rushing last minutes revision for MC mid term on friday. The notes are just too thick!

I only can say I find troubles for myself...

I should be meet Master Chou now as later i need to wake up at 6am.

Too bad, still haven reach my target 5 chapters per day.

Hopefully tis trip later to JKM will finish collecting the samples...

I really lazy to wake up so early again just to rush to PJ when my class start in the afternoon...

P/S: Just now really stupid enough. Accidentally pricked own finger when practicing on removing needle from the syringe. Luckily it is a new and sterilized needle. Else i kena wat viral infection also dunno...

Friday, August 7, 2009

High working efficiency!!

Today is the worst day ever!! Geez, hope so, hope wont have more sui one...

Supposingly friday is a holiday for me since no class. But then, today i have to wake up at 6.30am in the morning just to rush to XXXX near Taman Jaya LRT station for fyp purpose.

But wat pissed me off the most is the working attitude of the ppl there. They just keep on pushing us to this and tat department. They claim that they have informed all the staffs for CONTINUOUS 3 days, including two times in today morning. But we were there since 8.30am, we never hear any announcement!

So as expected, when we explained what we are trying to do, all ppl including the chief department dunno wat's happening.

Then we begged them to make another announcement at 10 sth. But they took another hour to do tat because the MOST OF THE STAFFS in the organizaition went out for "Minum" at 10.30am. They later come back at 11.30am then out to lunch break again from 12.15-2.45pm.

Then, when we finally wait until their lunch hour finish, of coz we have to wait somemore. We dun wan to give up so easily as we dun wan to come here again. But who we are dealing with have no mercy on us, they let us wait until after 4.00pm then only suggest us to come again by saying tat "I think the staffs are not well-informed. So u better come in next monday and next tuesday again."

We were like wat the!! Now u only know they are not well informed?? We explained that we are students in setapak, we have classes and cant always come here. The person amazingly said "Cant do anything also" !@#$%^

When we kept on asking how's the progress, they have no other answers other than "Wait a while see...". When we request to either to go department by department to approach the ppl or make another announcement, they are relunctant to do anything!! Gosh, we all are so pek cek tat time but still have to be polite to them, duh!

When an officer just happen to pass by us at 4.30pm, she somemore ask us to give up as the ppl there normally go back on 4.30pm or 5pm. You count yourselves how much time they spend on really working la!! Minum + lunch break + go back earlier!!

So today, it's all about wait. Wait for bus, wait for lrt, and wait for ppl to treat us like human!

The procedures should be finished in 3 hours. But in the end, it took us from 8.30am til 5pm! And now, have to go again next week! yer, so pek cek to see them la....

Just a group of brainless trying to act pro with lame acting skills, tat's all i can say.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tis video is superb funny...

But wat's the most funny is

Tis is from our 平时不出声,一出吓死人的 Grass.L/草穴人口

haha, 一失言成千古恨...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food Hunt in Petaling Street

I'm a big fan of spicy food since I was small. One good thing to live in kedah is u can easily find for spicy food. But here, i've been trying hard to find one. So, binatang liar recommend can go for asam lasak and ikan bakar in Petaling Street.

So, a few Kedahan and Grass.L go to Petaling Street with binatang liar as tour guide. Firstly we try the asam laksa. Hehe, forget to take photo. It's the best asam laksa i have IN HERE. But it only taste sour. It'll be better if it's spicy a bit. And it costs RM4 leh, normally i buy laksa the most also RM2.50 =.=

Then we go for ikan bakar...

According to binatang liar, they r VERY spicy. BUT...i think the ppl who know me will know wat i'm trying to say ^^

In overall, the lala taste the best for it's very juicy. The sotong and ikan bakar is just so so lo. These 3 plates are RM30 overall

Where can find more spicy food here?? It still a long time be4 i can go back to sp. Mulut gatal leh....