Sunday, May 31, 2009

holiday ends T.T

finally my 2 weeks+ holiday ends, so sad. i din even play enough.

well, poor ppl like me cant go for a trip, so hav to stay in the house. basically, i spend the whole holidays with the following things

tis japanese drama actually is quite old d, perhaps 4 or 5 years ago, but if u're interested in tis kind of story, it's nice! u can see how ugly is the character of some ppl just to become professors. the main actor is quite yeng somemore, haha. i'm searching for the 2nd episode now...

of coz, my cousins who played these games with me are so pek cek with my no-skills and cant recognize the map. everytime i played, i will just run here and there aimlessly, hehe. i'm gonna practice more from now on XD

tis is the life of a 宅女, hehe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


finally, my freedom has come. but it din turn out as happy as expected esp when u know u've screwed up the papers. haiz, dunno edi la, just wait the result to prove everything. i'm in genting again enjoying the weather...

recently, i found out something "interesting" bout restaurant city. i thought it's just merely a simple game until i found someone use tat to abuse the worker as a "revenge" to the real person, lol...i understand la, ur botakkia cant beat my ginnakia, too bad...haha. but now ur chance has come la, u know i cant on9 to play with my ginnakia for 2 weeks, enough for u to train ur botakkia la, sian

see the person lying there? the person purposely dun let me to rest while other workers have rest...but i'm quite proud tat i can mogok at ur restaurant...hahahahaha

as a pay back, imagine tat u're tat monkey la....dun thank me, wakaka

i'll be back to sp very soon. but i heard a very bad news be4 going back. the father of a kid tat my aunty help to babysit had passed away due to heart attack. it's just too sudden. n we never heard of he had heart disease be4. The kid is still small, 3 years old only, sigh! N i heard of 2 ppl infected with SLE in just half year, which is a rare disease.

tis make me thinking of a fren of mine for almost 10 years who passed away but i din even attend his funeral. N the reason is i busy for my own life. I really feel myself is so bad until now. Really dunno wat to say la, haiz. Appreciate everything u're having now be4 regretting...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm waiting for my freedom to come
u're so near yet so far
y is it the exam end so late??
totally not in the mood to study today
4 credit hours leh..sigh
enough to determine whether i can maintain the scholarship
but i'm having serious homesick now
3 days left to go back to sp ^^