Tuesday, April 28, 2009

random updates~

now i only realize i've abandoned tis blog for quite some time, hehe

been busy reading books, esp facebook =.=

3 papers down and 2 more to go on next friday

yeah, long enough for me to mourn for Genetics paper

there's some part i let Dr Gideon to fill in the blanks...LOL

2 hours is just not enough for my brain and hand coordinate properly

but watever it is, wat over is over

just hope tat i dun have to see him next sem in kampar

i'm taking short breaks in genting now

the weather is cool here ^^

wish me luck in the coming papers!!

P/S: just find out the so called "full notes" in communication part is fragments points n i've no idea how to make it complete, swt...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pre-final 'celebrations'

My course was having continuous tests and reports for the past few weeks. So, since last Saturday, which is also the date that marked the end of tests of the sem, we were so happy and went out for a "series" of celebrations.

1st celebration is watching movie. It's just an average movie but some of the scenes in the movie are very disgusting and violent, no wonder it is rated 18PL. And this is the 1st time i kena check IC when buying tickets and also entering cinema. Next time cant go with yy edi, her ginna face cause a lot of problem to us, lol.

2nd celebration is to sing k AGAIN. Cham, i seem like cant stop going to k tis sem =.=

3rd celebration is going to jogoya.
Sushi...Some look cute and good but taste weird...

raw dishes...tuna fish taste good...

dunno what this call edi...

Other seafoods...

The Crabs...


The fishes....

Desserts...i like the strawberry moizhi,  puddings and ice cream

The one round shape on the left is the strawberry moizhi, all of us are fighting for tat, lol

The puddings....

The tasty coconut drinks 
red wine and white wine
pink wine-mixture of red and white wine, it tastes good! 

Consuming all these different drinks and seafoods in the same time, luckily no food poisoning happen like wat happen last time during cny, hehe

The leftovers
I cant bear to "drink" uncooked eggs, taste weird

Overall, i think the taste of the food is just so-so. Some are not hot enough, while one of them is really disgusting. The ingredients used are expensive but too bad, they din cook well so it end up taste bad. But i did like the fish dishes and desserts.

P/S: declare bankrupt...perhaps it's a good reason to stay in home until after final
PP/S: many ppl encourage me to go to genting to study during study week, but i'm still considering. Inconvenience to on9 and cant burn midnight oil there still are the main disadvantages... 

Monday, April 6, 2009

women driving skills?

my fren sent me tis link just now, n i nearly laugh my head off...

i know tis post is really cincai, but i feel stressed out and moody recently. i need time to adjust my mood back to normal. anyway tis video did make me feel a lot better...

one of my frens said i push myself too hard? Am I?

anyway, it's time to get back to revision~