Friday, September 14, 2007


Exam week...
I spend so much time reading the same thing
yet i cannot memorize it
everything is suck in tis sem
my coursework marks r very low tis sem
so i must work hard in final exam to cover back the lost marks
burning midnight oil, talking nonsense (being crazy to release tension), sleep on the table
tat's all i have been doing in tis sem
undeniably pressure has haunted me
dizzy, feeling wanna vomit, no appetite haunting me all this while
i always say tat i dun care bout the result
but if i dun care
y m i giving myself so much pressure?
yeah, i wanna b a winner in all the things
how stupid i m!
let go
tat's wat i always tell myself
but it's always easier said than done
in fact
i dunno wat's my purpose of studying so hard
but i really cannot give up my studies
last time i used to think tat just enjoy everyday
time will prove everything
but now i seem to realize living with no purpose is hard
time, it proves nothing!
it only proves tat i have been such a fool in everything from the beginning
happiness seems to fade away from me
when i stand in front of the mirror
i see a stranger who is lost in the world in front of me
mayb i push myself too hard all this while
deeply inside my heart i know
letting things go sometimes is the best option among all choices
it's the harddest thing to learn
but i'm learning
i hope to b happy as be4 n know wat i wan one day
n i hope the day is soon, very soon