Wednesday, September 29, 2010






Friday, September 24, 2010

Some stories to share~

Last week, a little girl (I think she's around standard 2 or 3) approached me claiming that she'd lost and pleaded me to borrow her hp to call her mom.

I hesitated for quite long, worrying that someone's trying to cheat me again (I think too much duh? XD), in the end I told her to give me the number and I'll call her mum.

Me: Aunty, ur daughter is lost and now she's waiting for you at the exit.
Her mum: Ok.
Me: We're waiting for u outside kfc, near taxi stand there
Her mum: Ok. Thank you.

I was like WTF that time, her tone was so damn cool and flat and sounded she's ignoring me, never seems to worry bout her daughter at all. Oooppps, seem like I talked more than her and sounded more worry than her!

So after waiting for around 7 minutes, my patience had reached the limit and I called the mom again, this time I let the girl to talk with her mum on her own, to urge them to come faster. Then, after waiting for another dunno how long time again, finally, the mum appeared, walking as slow as a tortoise, chatting happily with her husband and children! The girl ran to her and she's like no reaction at all, never seemed thankful that I've helped her daughter.

Of coz I didn't mean that she must thanked me, but the main point is that she seemed like she dun care or worry at all! It's her daughter for god's sake!

I thought this parents are ignorance enough, but I was wrong. I heard another true story that there's one parents left their daughter who's suffering from bone cancer to death though the girl was just 7 years old! What pissed me off is that their daughter leg (which was diagnosed with bone cancer) had rot, and they didn't seek help from doctor and let the rot becoming serious, in the end the whole leg gone!

Their reason is that they're poor, no money to seek help from doctor. But is that mean that u can let ur daughter leg rot like tat? Their action has no difference from committing a murder for me. The whole neighbourhood know this case (otherwise how the story will spread =.=), and no one bothers to help or report to charity organizations.

And another one is read from newspaper that a father from Indonesia let his son to try on smoking at the age of 2, in the end his son had to try hard to quit smoking with help from others.

What kind of parents are they? Don't they have sense of responsibility?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


My life...It's full of jokes...

Jokes after jokes...

Enough is enough pls!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


For the past few days, I depended solely on my right hand to do daily activities

BUt now, i can lansi and use back my left hand to do most of the things XDXD

Oh yeah, I'm recovering!!

The wound is such a good boy, recovers so fast without any pain !

Thanks to the cream medicine

Keep it on~~^^

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sad case

Yesterday was so damn sui

My left hand was burned by boiling water accidentally T_T

My hand is so damn ugly now T__T

The MRT and bus are always full of ppl, I always have to take extra care that no ppl will bump into my wound T___T

And the worst case is, I'm a left handed person!! So inconvenient now T____T