Wednesday, November 18, 2009


when the real life is just like the drama

y bother to watch from computer?

y not enjoy the live version? ^.^

hope utar has the gossip girl

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FYP life

The lab used to be a fun place where u can say out loud proudly "I also fail to get results ma. Never mind one la, cincai do enough, report can simply explain and lie de..."

But things change when u r doing final year project. When u get positive results, tis is very lucky. When u get negative result, tis is still very normal. The saddest case is when u fail to get any results. Then ur life will be interesting enough, have to find ways to solve and face the pressure from supervisor and limited resources.

So, here are some pictures taken when we're so boring..haha

part of the samples needed to be extracted

sucking blood

some fail to suck properly so blood full of bubbles

the brand new thing in utar, EZ-vision 3 in 1. Can straightly view gel without staining and destaining. no more the blue loading dye

all time cleaner to separate PCI and bloody tips

tis is wat happen when u have limited resources. Air-dry the gloves to be wear again

caught! the thief in autoclave room

like i told u, the lab is very boring...

some ppl just won't miss any chances to bully ppl with tis slavery contract

some ppl even help to deco the boring lab

no need to caution, not hot at all, keke

this is full of failure-rate extraction

when things start better a bit, the DNA bands start to smile to u instead of linear band (actually DNA smiling is not a good image, hehe)

wanna take pictures in the lab but scare the camera "infected", so sterilize the camera with ethanol spray, swt