Monday, December 15, 2008

eating snake part 2

here i m again to update blog during internship
today suppose to be the end of the research (it's full of failures, lol)
so tomorrow can hand in the report to my supervisor
but uncertainties occur in the last experiment
and the last experiment is doing on the mice

*imagine tat one is a mouse, haha* feeding them orally

injection to make them feel pain. if u dun hold properly on the neck, they will turn the head and bite u

these r the things i have to do on the mice
shit, it's so cruel
the experiment in fact takes only few hours to complete
but the mice did not show effects after the injection
so the experiment has to be repeated again n again
so many injections of acid were done onto the mice in 2 days
a mistake or if they kick the needle,
the needle might hurt their stomach or any other organs
of coz i'm not the one busy to inject
i'm just busy for watching beside coz dun dare to hold the mice like tat

i know i'm a coward, hehe
the one who afraid should be the mice coz they dunno wat we're injecting into them
imagine u r forced to be injected with sth tat u dunno by others, u wan or not?

hope everything will go smoothly tmr
i dun wan to repeat tis exp again
(precisely dun wan to watch tat again)
feels like i'm a murderer
any researches dealing with mice must be avoided next time

wat deserve human to have the rights to do exp on other creatures?
we develope drugs for human to survive longer
but we shorten the life of these animals before the drugs r declared safe

i murdered a mouse in foundation, but now, mice... T.T

Thursday, December 4, 2008


tomorrow wil be the pc fair

should i buy an external harddisk??
laptop's 80GB is not enough to store series n songs

should i buy a hp memory card??
phone memory only 72MB...

but haiz, recently waste too much of money
petrol, hair, shoes, clothes, vaccination
at least rm1000 is gone...
going to a trip soon [$$$ needed]

external harddisk
Pros: can store series n watch during holidays
Cons: spend like tat just for series??? haiz

substitute with pendrive??
Pros: reduce burden of my laptop
Cons 1: not enough to store all d songs, cant even store series
Cons 2: takes long time to scan viruses (tat's y still using 128mb, hehe)

another option is on9 streaming n watch dvd during holidays

hp memory card
Pros: can store many songs n pictures (so can listen to songs anytime)
Cons 1: got a mp4 player edi but battery cant last long
Cons 2: always forget to take photos til after the events..


birthday over such presents *hehe*
(thanks for ur wishes ^^)

now wait christmas
but economy recession guess santa also wan save to money
too bad my intern dun have salary

perhaps get them next time??
life goes on without them..keke