Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pre CNY Celebration 2

all d lectures r cancelled today
but so pity tat i've bought the ticket earlier
thus i hav to spend one more day in kl

went to time square n sg wang for movies n sing k

overall tis movie is quite good. but too bad 诸葛孔明 in tis movie seems not so outstanding compared to 周瑜。i'm quite disappointed it has distorted the history too much. however i cant comment so much on the distortion of the history since i also 略懂 the history only, lol

watched the trailor of tis movie since last year, n finally it's on showing. i think the story line is quite interesting n creative. it's a very funny movie also ^^

then we went to sing k. tis is our "ang pao" from greenbox. we also had one extra hour singing. but y we can get one more extra hour FOC?? weird...

since there's news reporting tat all d buses going to the north will b stopped at duta, we went to pudu to ask bout where to get on the bus tmr to avoid going to the wrong bus station. but in the end, the station i need to go is still pudu while some frens need to go to duta (though tickets write pudu).

just cant accept y the bus company cant just confirm the correct bus station to get on when we bought the tickets? in fact, it's not easy to walk here n there with the luggage =.=

Thursday, January 22, 2009


we had our pre-cny celebration with steamboat~

before eating...

foong kheng n me

shu vien n onn sein

while eating...

the leftover...too full edi^^

going for movies n sing k at time square tmr
then balik kampung on saturday morning lo~
sp, i'm coming!!!

happy cny to everyone~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


today's really a tiring day
tired because too much of break
8.30am - 6.00pm with 5 n half hours break
stupid timetable

we crapped a lot in study area
dunno y we can elaborate for hours with a word "charcoal"

many ppl become very hardworking tis sem
even the god of sleep--yong yong doesn't sleep during lectures
(perhaps i can substitute her place d)
being a member of kiasu kiasi team
i'll also try to work harder n not to sleep in class,lol

tmr 8.30am - 7pm
the timetable seems like a joke but it's not funny
pendidikan moral 3 hours lectures
wondering will i able to tahan the lectures?
i dun think my moral is tat bad until need to study pendidikan moral lo =.=

going back to kedah again tis saturday~
hope there's no traffic jam lo
totally in cny mood now, hehe

Friday, January 16, 2009

BDC Jan 2009

finally BDC ended officially yesterday despite all the obstacles
there were ~295 donors this time
but too bad i'm not one of them
i'm rejected by dunno-who before the registration counter =.=

the BDC for tis time is really different
we had fried rice/mee/mihun for breakfast/lunch instead of breads
n we had wheat grass drinks instead of just milo

taking break~ it looks like cny instead of BDC

i curi minum de when i'm on duty, hehe

2 large n 2 regular domino pizzas for lunch on the 2nd day

while everyone is busy, we siok sendiri pulak...(well, tis is only one of the photos we took, lol)

the leftover souvenirs (still got somemore others with 3 more ppl)...haiz, dunno wat to do with all these. all of us spend so much time n energy do these, such a waste to throw away

when i'm boring during duty, i played around n drew tis--grand prize MP3! two times i drew it! but too bad, 抽到拿不到, dunno is lucky draw or unlucky draw...

tis is our "ice" comes together with the pizzas but too bad we dun have fridge to store it, so it becomes

yeah, so bye bye to another event! so good!
i'm a step closer to freedom! lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009


dun ever think tat i'm desperate for ur help, damn it!

dun lansi in front of me....

i still know how to handle without ur help....

shit, tulan nia

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

days after internship

finally i can on9...
after the internship....

1. reunions with ex-classmates

our reunion is always so pity. always held at the same place--lagenda old town or master choo in central square, sian-nya

2. 1st time sing k in sp

it's the only karaoke with newer (cant say latest) chinese songs. the so called standard room is smaller than the small room in green box i think, n it costs RM30/hour (at night).

3. 1st time drive on highway
*no photos, perhaps i've scared the passengers, lol*

4. 1st time visit to singapore

lion head in sentosa

there's always plants along the road, so greenish!

wall of viruses in science center

underwater world. hardly can take nice photos here as no skills

the card used for public buses n MRT. it's so convenient n heard tat it'll be updated become SMARTCARD. the citizens can use the card to pay for bills, food, shopping...everything

deeply in love with tat country. the public transports r really convenient and wont get lost easily though just the 1st time there. will definitely pay another visit to there if got chances.

5. 1st time fail to get a hotel room in genting though it's not peak season

so end up wandering round n round aimlessly in 1st world plaza. no photos as no new decos in tat plaza

then went for midnight movies to spend time

it's really a funny movie. but for me the movie got not much meaning, just for laugh

watch tis movie coz got no other choice. dun expect it's a good movie before watching, but dun expect it will lame til tat....

so, the end of this post....
for more photos, visit facebook lo
erm, i'll try to upload all the photos there asap, hehe