Sunday, August 31, 2008

Putrajaya + Wisma MCA

Two days ago, aka Friday, went to putrajaya to see fireworks performed by Australia. The class ended at 9am, but waited for 5 hours until 3pm in school just for the bus....

Then, reached Alamanda shopping complex at around 4pm..... Since there's nothing to shop...luckily there's still a bowling center, so piang, jeff, jynn, yong yong n me went bowling. my performance is not bad in the beginning...but thanks to jynn who claims tat shouldn't lose to gals n curse me to wash drain..after tat i really pay Rm6 to wash in the end i lose to him around 10 marks....(actually i purposely lose to him de...give them face ma...wakaka)

then, we went to McD, planning to buy burgers as dinner in Putrajaya International Conventional Center (PICC), but thanks to the waiter, he's more blur than me. He gave us the french fries n cokes only n told us "enjoy ur meals"...n when we asked burgers from him, he said he gave us all edi...swt. since we're rushing to the bus, we din count the burgers he gave us later...n we din get enough burgers although we've paid for them...ok~ watever, nothing can b done....

so we reached PICC at around 6pm...obviously we have to wait another 4 hours for the fireworks. having our photo sessions with the clowns while waiting (photos r not with me). then we booked the "feng shui" places to see the fireworks at 7pm. many ppl went down the grassy slope so that they can sit while waiting. but me n some frens choose to stand coz scare it will be raining, so we waited, sharing lame jokes, playing games, din aware that the feng shui places we booked is slowly intruded by some ppl tat never learn "queue up" tis term. luckily still got enough places for all of us to stand in the 1st row when the show started....

we thought the show will start at 9.30pm but we only see "helicopter shows" flying to n fro aimlessly....mayb it wan to make sure the sky dun have birds flying around so tat they will not get burned by the fireworks... keke. So the show finally started at around 10.10pm....

Haha, obviously, these photos r taken from others, my 2.0MP cam-phone for sure only manage to take the photos of the smokes, lol.
for more photos, do visit and
the fireworks last for 20-30 minutes...then we took another 2+ hours to go back to genting klang due to traffic jam...
so overall, the day will be more perfect without waiting....

Yesterday aka Saturday, went to Wisma MCA to sell flowers to earn money for society..but too bad, see the money go into society but hard to take them out to use...

waited for ppl wait until spider web come out n cause me late to there....

having difficulties to recognize the type of flowers in the beginning...which make other ppl beside me a bit swt...haha

whole day seeing ppl laughing happily but i stood until my legs r in pain (coz i've been standing since friday for hours) *tortured* but gotta thank my secondary school which train my "standing-stamina" for hours every assembly for 5 years...tat's y my legs can tahan standing for 2 days..

the bears r very cute but very expensive...cannot afford so just can take the pictures

rm20 for smaller bears n rm35 for bigger a bit bears...worth it?

Some of the flowers...

At last all the flowers r sold, just left 2 RM60 mashimaro n 1 RM100's really hard to believe ppl will buy the RM100 mashimaro la...


So the 1st two days of my study weeks just gone like tat...n today, i'm having headache n sore throat again...mayb caused by the 2 tiring days, so din really study anything. so, how to study n memorize the 14 weeks lectures of 5 subjects in a week?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last wednesday, hann, chee shin, yong yong n me went to Talipon although it's raining heavily. Becoz of the rain and we have to walk back after eating, Voon Chai put us aeroplane and is known as Flight A417 now, keke.

Y r we seem so desperate to go therem although raining? lol, gotta thank to Dr. Wong who r so honest to us, claiming tat we will still dunno how to do although got tips (esp 12 marks calculation, it still hurts me now, T.T). So, we wan to cure the disappointment by eating. Hehe, all of us just realize we r so persevere tat time...

Lame skills in bbq...who???

Another example lame skills of bbq...keke...who again?

Size of saugage: (from left)Kembang, VERY kembang, almost Original size

Ice cream~ Yummy yummy..but chee shin said both of us r trying to act young coz we scoop the ice cream in a con instead of bowls. watever, mayb he just jealous tat both of us r younger than him..keke

when we finish eating...but seem very few from tis photo

Cat tat keep on watching us i throw it vegetable but it dun wan to eat. Mayb it doesn't know the importance of fibers n vitamin C...keke

actually towards the end, we were forcing ourselves to swallow instead of enjoying the food...becoz of tis sign...

Tat day we have also eaten fruits, sushi, seafoods, bak gua, many kinds of fish balls, beefs, chickens, agar-agar..some also dunno wat's long as can b eaten...

Yesterday, although it's raining, i went to talipon again with Kheng n Sein again. But too bad, my hp is low battery, cannot take pictures...nvm...go there again next time. Actually going there during raining also not bad coz wont feel hot when bbq ^.^

The price of an adult is RM21.80, together with Chinese tea, so is RM23.10 per person.

Kiki, after seeing tis, wan to eat or not? wohoho....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

When checking mails...

finally, i begin to check my mail, then only i realize my frens r keeping on sending funny or meaningful mails for me, just tat i'm too lazy to open them, hehe. From now on, i will TRY my best to check mails la...keke

The power of editting pictures...

i seriously need someone to teach me how to use photoshop edi la...who can teach me?

Amazing photo of a rock found in Birmania ocean(dunno where is it)

When look from left....

top view...dunno real or not...not so believe it actually

When we were small....

the food that once i liked them so much...still remember always went to the shop opposite to buy these...although the shop is still there now, long time din stepped into it d, but it's still the "paradise" of the kids

the cartoons tat i watched...hehe..i'm still watching some of them now. last time when watching din even know wat's the title, now only remember the looks of the characters

things tat i played during free time with frens or family. hehe, tis is where i learn to "throw aeroplane" when i grow up. we also made our own kites n fly too on the field in front of the house ^.^

some other things that played. Forget how to fold the thing (shown in last row last column) lo. Most of them disappear edi, but the 3 sets of cards r still in my house, hehe. Used to play guli with family, but pity the young generation now, adults will take away when the children play guli coz scare they will swallow them, too bad

Mario~ I have tis game in my laptop now but cant even pass through level 1, and claiming tat the game cant be saved, haha

The pencil case must have many layers, dunno y, mayb feel more yeng gut, hehe. Have collection of erasers too (but with the cartoons on it instead of the flags), n i only remembers i once owned the grape n orange shape erasers.

tis email really make me think of my childhood and the school time, miss the days when whole day just playing n playing..although sometimes will quarrel with siblings (due to insufficient supply of toys) n scolded or caned by family...kaka..Think of the days bluffing together with sisters until quarrel with relatives when they visited our house during cny too..haha

homesick-ing~ T.T

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free Soya Bean Drink

today really sui enough
the physio test just now is so KNS
having headache during the exam somemore
so should i mourn for the result?
thought can get a few "consolations" from SA lobby after the test
but then i went there tooo late
no more free Ribena n chocolate drinks for me, T.T
only manage to get 2 magazines, dunno wat free sample of oxy, n a soya bean drink 1st i thought at least i get a free soya drinks...still not tat sui
but then when i was waiting for the bus
i just realize i dun have any opener to open the bottle
when watching series also cant really enjoy coz tis bottle is just beside the computer
i can watch it but cannot drink it! urgh!
SUI ar!!!! haiz

any suggestions on how to open it?

P/S: luckily tonight went to eat ho liao~ but too ho liao too full, cannot move too much now, scare will vomit >.<
will be uploaded bout it when i get the photos...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


do i look like 衰女包?
today got 1 person said i'm a 衰女包
n got 2 ppl totally agree with tat

these 3 ppl, know u all since foundation....
one field honest to me.....
thanks Yong yong for saying tat in front of me....
thanks Adrian for giving me some face, INDIRECTLY shooting me by calling me 包女衰
thanks Min-Zhin for praising yong yong "1st time know tat she's so good at judging ppl"

ok la, actually i din deny tat i'm not a good girl in my family....
but still is the best among the family....kekeke
n foundation TE2 got 24 ppl, only 3 ppl saying tat
somemore only got ppl say me 衰女包
no ppl say me 败家女,wakaka
so I'm still proud of who I am.......keke

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The class ends very early today, so it's MOVIE time~
Actually tmr class will end earlier, but i have somethings to do after the class.
Thanks binatang liar n yongyong for willing to b crazy with me coz tmr is 8am will b a lab test...

The movie we watch today is WALL.E

lol, i din know wat's the movie about n i dun even know tat is an animation til i was at the entrance of cinema

The movie begins with "Presto" n a SUPER-CUTE bunny which is not related to Wall.E
We r so blur y it starts with tat...but watever....i like the bunny sooooo much

the bunny is just sooooo cute! love it

There were very few conversation throughout the whole animation other than "Wall.E", "Eva", "direction" n some conversation between human
n it's kinda boring for the 1st 30 minutes (mayb i was too tired to enjoy the movie)
but believe me, u can laugh ur head off after tat until the animation finished
n the movie is kinda touching at the end....
so in conclusion, it's nice to watch!

But today, we nearly miss the movie n do a very embarrassing thing...
Case 1:
We suppose to get down the bus at the chaokit monorail station since we're in a rush...
But 4 of us r so blur n dreaming on the bus
I saw the bus passed by the chao kit monorail station
Then i was like " come tis is so familiar 1?"
me: 文采,我们不是要下chaokit的咩?
[i should say tis earlier when the bus IS at the station, not AFTER the station]
vc: 是咯,我就奇怪做么你们不下车
[then y u din ask us earlier? =.=]
yy: 刚才我有按铃的
[geng, u pressed the bell but u din get down the bus? =.=""""]
we're still discussing there how we we gonna late for the we watch the bus passed by...n finally....
piang: 就现在下车走回去啦
[finally, we have a constructive]

Case 2:
After paying for the popcorn at the counter, vc only took her popcorn away. yongyong n me thought voonchai or piang helped us to take our popcorn, then we straigthly walked away. I saw the salesgirls r in shock...then we only realized we haven take our food AFTER PAYING. I walked back to take. Then the salegirls called us again and said we haven take the free small i walk back to take again...then, i realized tat we haven take the i walked back embarrassing...

So, tat's is wat will happen when blur meets blur...all blur

N i will b a "tour guide" of someone soon....
Well, i hope i wont b tat blur again..
but FOC...wrong direction also nvm de...
after bringing the wrong direction, then act very cool to settle it...
tis can show my talent somemore...wakaka

one of my best frens is leaving to US in 4 days...dun miss me ya...but i know u will..keke

P/S: The lab test is without any scopes, GOD BLESS US.... T.T

Monday, August 11, 2008

GOOD thing to share

hello everybody
found out an interesting website
u can hear ppl singing n comment on their singing
U CAN SING there too
of coz, if ur singing is a bit sorry
others can just throw "shit" to u
but so wat? they dunno u u dunno them
u can throw shit back to them, lol

hope u will enjoy it~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Yakult Drinks

Two days ago, Hann suddenly put a yakult drink on my table, and she said:"Yong yong请你喝的 (Yong yong treat u drink 1) [yala, hann tis fellow where got so good give me free drinks, keke]". I have known yong yong since foundation, n tis is the 1st time she treat me a drink, I was touched n nearly cried edi (ehem, haha).

Tis is the yakult drink tat yong yong gave me

But soon, my mood to drink the yakult is affected due to the "lecture" given by "part-time" yakult representative -- Hann (tat time she was just back from visiting and attending the lecture "yakultology" from the factory).

Tis is the conversation between hann, vien n me.
vien: walao, 酱小罐罢了
(walao, the bottle is too small la)
ting: 是咯,才85ml,vitagen都有125ml
(yalo, only 85ml, vitagen also got 125ml)
hann: 你们不可以酱算的,你们要算你们喝了多少只bacteria
(u two cannot count like tat, should count how many bacteria u have drunk)
ting: 都看不到里面有几只bacteria,也不知道他们放什么bacteria
(cannot know how many bacteria r inside la, also dunno wat's the bacteria inside)
hann: 不知道,那个人没有讲,等下是E.coli在里面,哈哈 
(dunno, tat person also din say, mayb is E.coli inside, haha)

At tis moment, vien opened the drinks.
hann: 你知道怎样开吗?吸水管要向下推的,而且要用拇指推的知道吗?
(u know how to open it? the straw must be pushed downwards using thumb u know?)
[*speechless* i dunno n dun wish to know]
ting: 不会太大力然后弄掉吸水管的咩?
(wont the straw fall onto ground if push too hard?)
hann: 不会的,用多大力都不会掉的
(wont fall 1, no matter how hard u push)
[i see, so magic]

vien drank til half n put on the table.
hann: 还有啊,一定要一次过喝完。不可以酱放在桌子,等下有空气的bacteria进到里面去,就喝了没有意思了
(somemore, u must one shot drink finish 1, cannot left on the table like tat, later got bacteria from atmosphere enter into it, then the healthy drink become meaningless edi)
vien: 炸到,酱快喝完都好像没有喝到什么
(swt, drink so fast seem like drink nothing 1)
hann: 都讲是看你喝了多少bacteria了咯
(told u d, it's see how many bacteria u have drunk)
[got so many rules, i cannot enjoy the drinks then also meaningless after drinking la =.=]

Then i also opened the drink n observing the can.
ting: eh, 这个吸水管几时变到酱长的?
(eh, how come the straw become so long 1?)
vien: 炸到,你一推出来它就是酱的 (swt, it's like tat once u pushed it out)
ting: eh,原来我们喝的是30 billion life Lactobacillus嘞。Life的嘞
(eh, i finally realize wat we drank is 30 billion life Lactobacillus leh, life 1 wo)
vien: *speechless* then?
[haha, i know i'm A BIT 38, n i also dunno wat is so good about Lactobacillus in our body, as long as it's not E.coli, lol]

see, must push the straw downwards using thumb =.=

the extended straw. the white colour part is the ori length tat we saw

The yakultology lecture is 30 minutes long in the factory according to my frens, n i used 30 seconds to finish the drinks, lol. I only have one thought after drinking tat "HUH, finish liao ar?" haha. anyway, thanks yong yong o~ can i have another 1? keke

i'm so touched by yong yong. n i know someone will be coming back to malaysia by the end of tis year. will i get souvenir from her? keke~

Monday, August 4, 2008

无聊记事 ~bored~

*haha, i purposely translate into english for my dear dear housemate FOONG KHENG, but some translation really sounds weird due to direct translation n my no-standard english level, lol*
Recently, i think i'm eligible to enter tanjung rambutan edi. Haha, normal ppl wont do these kind of things i think, coz some of them really sound childish and stupid. Yeah, streamyx n maxis memang boleh. Lay theng can't sign in her msn n my hp credit is "vacuumed", but we r so desparate to chat with each other, and tis is wat we did!

没错,我们就是这样谈天。这还是我第一次酱勤劳check inbox,两个email inbox累积的还真不少,哈哈。下次msn在有问题,还可以考虑这样聊天
haha, yeah, we chat using email! I think tis is the 1st time i'm so hardworking to check my mail (if u can see, the unread mails r 600+, i still have another email same conditions too, haha). It's really a good method to chat if u encounter problems in ur msn next time, worth to try!

正当每一个人忙着k biochem时,我还在享受在you tube看周杰伦的mv,简直好看又好听!尤其是“搁浅”和“最长的电影”,歌好听,mv又超感人的。此外,我竟然想要去打pool。那时的我,十课里才读了三课,人家差不多读完了都还没说要去玩,哈哈。好了,所以今天的考试我该为它立碑哀悼了吧!本人亦不敢期望什么,只希望能拿超过一半的分数吧。50/100,要求不会很高吧!
While everyone else is busy doing their revision for biochem, i'm still relaxing watching jay's mv in the youtube! haha, he's really my god, his songs n mv r just too nice!!! Besides, i suggested to go to play pool although i just read 3 chapters out of 10 chapters. So, tis is the consequence, i dunno how to do for the test today. I dun expect to do well in tat paper, but hope to get at least 50/100, can i? >.<

~Jefferey and Greg~Hmm, look like their hands, do u think the ball can enter into hole?

Keke, u think only u two can do tat? Try to hit the ball into the hole if u're pro enough, keke~

Do i look pro? lol

After playing pool, tis is the time to get serious by burning mignight oil. At 3am sth, i'm still can b very crazy n high to self take pictures. too bad, my camera-phone is not good quality enough to take pictures at night, n all the pictures r just too dark which make me a bit no mood to take pictures edi, hehe. Then, an crazy idea suddenly came accross my mind, since now is the july in the lunar calendar, i took the pictures of every corner of the house, to test whether i will see "sth which shoudn't b seen". Tat time i'm just too brave, or mayb can say "din use brain to think", n luckily nth happen tat time, otherwise i really cant imagine the consequences.

Tis picture is taken at 3am sth, it's just too dark! n tis picture is actually editted by increasing the brightness edi. Luckily din see anything "strange" in this picture, haha (Wasted rm25 to cut my hair, but now seem like not much different T.T)

but recently not only i'm acting "zi lian", there's another one person more "zi lian" than me by sending her self taken picture using mms to me, lol. She claims herself a "superstar" and adds stars around her, swt

难道这位家伙在青山度过study week?
Mayb tis fellow gonna spend her study week in tanjung rambutan

最近的生活太忙碌,不无聊消遣一下还真迟早疯掉!接下三个星期甚至有五个考试,全部都需要背的。唉,我真的想去整容增大头来增大brain capacity去吞完全部notes!还有reportS呢,天!人家说,sem的尾声很闲的,但难道坐着k书算是一种“闲”?
Haiz, really tired of the busy life without resting, n the only entertainment tat i can do is acting crazy, keke. The following 3 weeks r just "too nice" coz 5 tests r coming, n the only preparation for the tests is MEMORIZING. Tis is wat bio ppl always do rite? haiz, i hate memorizing! i think i should go for surgery to expand the head size to increase the brain capacity! Not only tests, i also have reportS to write! Ppl say we will b very free when approaching the end of the sem, hhmm, mayb they think tat sitting n studying is very "free" instead =.=