Saturday, July 25, 2009







Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

The movie is really interesting~
It pumps my heart almost throughout the whole movie
Din feel sleepy at all, tat's an odd case for me...
But there's some scenes inside are too exaggerated
or perhaps NYPDs really work in such a big group in the real world, i dunno
It's another exciting movie for me after Transformers 2...
Dun watch Harry Potter!! hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter

My whole day outing plan today, only movie plan is success =(

Before watching this movie, i dun expect it to be nice anyway. I only think tat The Chamber of Secrets and The Goblet of Fire are nice. But later it turns out to be better than my expectation, at least i din sleep in the cinema. It's just a so so movie having no climax, but kinda "extraordinary" tis time as this episode turns out to be a romance movie. I would expect more on the battling towards Voldemort. And I cant believe it can spend almost whole hour on romance, while only takes few seconds to show how Dumbledore died.

Tis is the feedback from a group of secondary students while i'm waiting for my frens. According to them, it din even show "The End" when the movie ends, and they dunno wat the movie is about other than kissing here kissing there. and for tat, it should be rated 18SX, lol

But anyway, it's still better than The Sorcerer's Stone and The Prisoner of Azkaban. They work better than sleeping pills...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good and Bad experiences

After torturing for 2 weeks to see others safe from 2nd round selection, finally get to know tat i'm accepted too! The most important thing is don't have to write a proposal for the project! Love my supervisor so much!

Bad experience in taxi
Met with a superbly irritating taxi driver just now! Keep on asking my fren "Ah Moi, kasut kamu Adidas ke?" although she ignored him. Then, he just kept on looking at the feet of front passenger and the back passenger sitting in the middle, ie me. wtf, just drive ur taxi la...We all girls are so suffering by his weird actions and the disgusting fragrance in the taxi. HB 5871, always remember tis taxi plate!! And feel so lucky today going to school in a rush so dun have the time to wear my Adidas shoes

LRT bad experience
This happen 2 months ago in wangsa LRT station. but recently when chatting with one of my classmate, i learn tat she had the same experience with me in KL central few days ago. The person just keep on promoting to me how important is recycling, and they also help the elders in old folks home. Then, he started to ask me to write my name on the list to support them. At 1st i thought i'm very clever giving the fake name and hp number, but then he asks money from me, and minimum RM30!! Of coz i dun wan to give and wan to walk away, but then fail lo. Somemore, he show me other water fish donate them rm50 in order to persuade me donate rm50, then i just throw him rm30. And i use RM 30 to get this, wtf

a bean wrapping with newspaper putting inside a mini "cute" envelope. See the words on the bean?? 创意无限 and the smiling face, see liao also tulan, dunno wan to laugh or cry

Busy life
Norm of utar: reports + assignments + mid term. They r very close frens, just like to come together to u in the same time...

Leukocytes lose in battle
Fever + sore throat + cough + dizzy + muscle pain. Luckily sleeping therapy just now is quite effective and also no flu, otherwise really symptoms of H1N1. Hope wont ruin my whole day outing plan tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some thoughts

The shaky hand is getting shakier

I know it when i'm using chopsticks

It shakes when i'm taking water bottle....

What happen to my left hand actually??

Do i think too much or it's really getting serious? sigh

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My decisions

After thinking for 2 weeks, finally the decisions are made

The funniest is none of them is same with my potential choices 2 weeks ago

Dun have particular interest

Easily influenced by others

Follow frens' decisions

Scare of the competition of all bioscience students where only 2 students will be chosen

lol, i just hate to make decisions and tend to think too much

praying hard tat the lecturers i choose will choose me

even if it's my 6th choice, hehe

P/S: ice age 3 is really a crap, no meaning at all, funny scenes are limited as well

PP/S: Pokkai d, no more movies until Harry Potter!!

PPP/S: AGM for today is much more better than wat i've expected, retire proudly ^^