Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"memorable" day

Case 1:
I’m woken up by hp at 2am though I set it to silent mode. A stranger called, so I left it to ring. Later the stranger sms me “Awat ang berlagak sangat la”. I dunno wat is “awat ang” but the main point is I wu duan duan scolded lansi. Ok, so I’m lansi.

Tis stupid call caused me to stay awake for nearly one hour before sleeping again, shit. I just hate ppl disturb me when I’m sleeping.

must turn off hp be4 sleeping next time

Case 2:
A part of my fingernail of middle finger was scraped off in attempts to open a tin. Urgh.

it hurts!

must not b lazy to cut fingernails every week liao

Case 3:
My exp went very bad today, esp when streaking the bacteria. Cant find a lighter to light up Bunsen burner, cant find suitable wire loop (the wire r ~5cm long, my skills cannot contro it)

I beg for a lighter everywhere. In the end, I did “agar-carving” instead of plate streaking.

should buy my own lighter coz none of the officers have it =.=

Case 4:
(the best of the day. My fren said he wan to spread it, so I decided to say out myself be4 ppl add oil and vinegar into the story)
I was locked in the toilet for 10 minutes T.T. I called my sis (who later only called me back ask me wat happen) n my fren. n I’m worried tat time my hp will b turned off anytime coz battery low d. 2 of them still cannot open the door from outside. So they ask another uncle, luckily the uncle managed to open the door. The uncle even explained to me the door is locked because of different pressure coz strong air-con wind is blowing outside the door, swt. Yes, Bernoulli principle, fast moving air cause air pressure low. I cant believe I still remember tat principle, lol.

prepare to be laughed by ppl as my fren said wan to spread it.

must not lazy to bring n charge my hp anywhere I go, lol

P/S: I forget to take the photos of the locked door and the ceiling. There were ppl when I walked back wan to take photos, so sia sui, so dun wan to take photos liao. Haha.

Friday, November 21, 2008



1.each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten(or five) people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog .
5. (added by me) no tag back


  1. 懒惰
  2. 爱睡
  3. 烂赌
  4. 没听歌上网就要生要死
  5. 死要脸
  6. 想唱k(ahkee,我等你等到花儿也谢了~)
  7. 不吃不眠看连续剧
  8. 看恐怖片/鬼片一定掩眼看
  9. 蛇/名字有蛇就怕,最近被四脚蛇吓到,看到壁虎想到四脚蛇,T.T
  10. 讲话气人为乐

我铁克的那半个人是kL,哈哈,你就写多五个啦。你的规则没写 “no tag back”,哈哈。
剩下的七个,善良善解的我就不点名了,想做的人就做咯,感恩 XD

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my computer is sick

i think my computer is infected with spyware. not i think, is i'm sure T.T

if wu duan duan receive email from myself (tis reminds me of one-missed-call*scary*), if homepage wu duan duan change, if my IE7 suddenly "downgrade" to IE6 interface, and with some weird settings tat cause my IE cant function "normally", if tat is not kena spyware then wat else? (i hope somebody tell me tat i think too much, tat's not spyware =S) i email myself and change it during sleepwalking??

i wont upload or change any photos in friendster or facebook til i go back to kl, neither do posting any bulletins or messages in friendster or facebook, so if u guys see i post anything weird in friendster or facebook, pls tell me coz i dunno wat else the hacker do on my computer, thx. same goes to my msn acc, i seldom put my own picture one (dun wan to scare u all ma, lol) and pls dun click any links i sent u.

also, i'm currently using dial up connection, so it's impossible i'll ask u to open ur webcam. and with tis tortoise-speed internet, i'll not on9 more than 2 hours. i'm quite scare the hacker will use my msn account to chat with frens which happened to my sis's fren be4, so if u miss me too much wan to chat with me but scare, ask me the things tat u think only me n u know to verify tat is me ;P

being a pure computer idiot who only know how to "murder" computer, i dunno how to cure my computer now. i'm thinking of changing all the passwords of emails or mayb even the emails 1st, but so ma huan, n i'm kinda it takes times XD

the window installation disc is in kl, so forget about formatting my computer (in fact also no ppl can help me to format now, haiz). n i think formatting wont help coz it hacks my emails on the internet rite? correct me if i'm wrong. but my homepage and internet setting are also changed, wat happen actually and how to solve? i dunno these stuffs at all T.T

dun tell me have to change emails as well as formatting computer, wan my life meh?

i'm still trying to get the anti spyware softwares installers. n the "good" news is i dunno wat softwares can b used, so need to ask ppl 1st (so pity, no one choi me). with this stupid connection, how to download installer from the internet, wtf. my mcafee can only scan for viruses, so die lo.

sorry for any troubles if u sui sui kena "me" disturbing u. i'll pray hard for u all, and also myself, sigh. n for the hacker, thank u for being so "xiao zhang" changing tis changing tat in my computer and send a "notification email" til a computer idiot like me know it's the "jie zuo" of hacker =.=

Monday, November 3, 2008

eating snake

haha, eating snakes now (translate to hokkien)
i'm suppose having training now
but apparently i cant live without internet
so i come to on9, lol

a person so hardworking like me can eat snake?? XD

actually is my experiments fail liao, haiz
it feels sad esp when u wait for hours for filtration then it's wrong T.T
follow the protocols already
i dunno y it fails but it really fail
the volume of extraction obtained is much lesser than expected
n according to some seniors the 1st product i obtain is already wrong
it shouldn't be in liquid form after the concentrating porcess?
but i cant help if it wans to be in liquid form >.<
omg, can anyone tell me why?
mayb i should ignore wat the seniors said, lol

lessons from the experiments
-follow protocols may get wrong results
-filtration very waste time, need to come to on9 while waiting
-leaves can be very kiam siap sometimes (esp when u wan to extract them)
-life is easier when u ignore wat others say
-将错就错 / 即错之,则安之 are very good motivations
-dry leaves and plant extractions are very bad smell