Saturday, May 29, 2010

Graduation Trip to HK - Second Episode

The second day of the trip continued in Lantau 大屿山

We took cable car to reach 大佛 in Lantau. The cable car used 30 minutes to reach the destination, which i think is too long and it's kinda boring to sit in cable car, hehe. Anyway from the cable car, we can see the full view of HK airport and 大佛.

The staircase to reach the 大佛 is superb long. Climbing up to DK4A in utar already wan my life, I dunno how many times i rest in order to climb up XD

the vege food in Lantau, ok ok lo the food except the mihun a bit too hard, better and cheaper than the roasted goose a lot, LOL

Since Tai-O is nearby, so we went there to kepo since there's also a drama (forget wat drama edi) taken there. Thought can see pink dolphins, too bad all the dolphins hid themselves from us.

Went 星光大道 to see the light performance. Erm, nothing special i would say but it still manage to attract a lot of tourists there. The digital camera cant really take nice photos at night, all the more tat time my hands were seriously shaking, LOL

The 糖水西米露 and 红豆沙around 尖沙咀, heard tat quite popular also. All of my frens liked the 西米露 very much but it's a bit too sweet for me。 The 红豆沙 tasted a bit weird coz the 莲子 taste is too strong until it covers the taste of 红豆, hehe

Time for wandering around the streets like 球鞋街,女人街,金鱼街,庙街 and shopping for souvenirs etc etc.

The polo bun and egg tarts, which is the food tat i'm most satisfy with. Too bad i'm too full to try the wan tan mee there.

Ramen at HK airport, heard ppl say it's kinda popular also, herm, quite ok la. Think my standard is more suitable to eat the junk food around the streets, every popular food i also think so-so only, and the not popular one i think is better, keke

Also one of my favourite photo taken from the flight...

Too bad the trip is too short and i haven have the time to go to Ocean park, disneyland, 铜锣湾 and "sam shui pou" there. If got chance and money, i definitely will go there again. Next time will be more prepared with better walking shoes XD

P/S: finding jobs is really 烦! dunno have to be jobless and 量地 for how long

Graduation Trip to HK - First Episode

Initially the graduation trip plan is to go to Bangkok, which later we all felt lucky for not going there. After all we dun wan to experience counter strike in the real life XD

For poor ppl like us, this is the 1st time we take flight. Thanks to the bad weather, the taking off and the landing of our 1st flight is soooo "fun" tat we were scared to take flight to come back to malaysia *pai sei pai sei*

The night in HK around Wong Kok

The hotel in HK is very expensive. 4 of us have to squeeze in a small room like tis. Hmm, we did break the rule a bit, u know wat i mean...hehe

Their 10 dollar is so colourful, looks like a fake dollar

tis is at 跑马地 and the museum

Then later we were told by the workers that it was horse racing day, and we decided to go to watch horse racing. The red board marks the end point of the horse racing.

赤柱 + 浅水湾view. 浅水湾 is definitely a place where the rich ppl are 晒命, one house can have few BMW, merc. Ferrari is so common there

Pork burger in McD...taste nicer than fillet'O fish a lot. Too bad malaysia wont have it!

Heard tat this shop roasted goose is very famous and win lots of prizes. But i feel so-so only and this goose costs us HKD220 T.T

An unexpected place tat we visited -- 黄大仙. heard tat 求签 very accurate, and all of us did ask about jobs coincidently, LOL

We also went to the peak. Finally can take photo with my all-time favourite singer! Too bad really dun look like him

兰桂坊 a place where all kaki botol and 鬼佬 gather

Spotted the staircases tat always appear in TVB drama!

Guess tis is the landmark of 中环

My favourite photo! Nightscene of HK taken from the peak

Saturday, May 15, 2010